"I am pretty sure the title should be the largest outdoor Zumba is back"

I am not sure how many of you are into Zumba, but I am definitely saying yes to new and fun idea! 
Last year, Watsons held their largest outdoor Zumba and garnered about 5.3k of people. Heard it was even a Malaysia record. 


I believe a lot of people love running marathon for a lot reasons.
Some for the sake of the medal collection, some for meeting new people, some for the sake of running itself. And Watsons held the largest outdoor Zumba last year and me and Pui Yee went for fun, and the free t-shirt too *coughssscoughs

Last year shenanigans, us eating banana. 
Fun fact: eating banana before work out can minimize chances to get muscle cramp. 

After eat banana you can split like banana.
Just kidding. Try at your own risk.

That was like so 2016 and we had lots of fun.
This year, Watsons wanted to make it even BIGGER. They forecast there'll be 10k of people participating, and let's create a new record!

This year, their line up are like Leng Yein from last year coming back bolder, together with Malaysia’s top DJ Chuckies & Whackboii and her sister Leng Sean!

Some of the instructors are like Deno and Alex from Malaysia, Henry from USA and Richard (ohsohandsome... ) from Canada and...

Dennis Yin will be the host for this year!

Kit Mah, the face and ambassador for Watsons.

The price for this year ticket is RM98 and it comes with a RM30 cash voucher.
Best thing is it comes with medal and micro dry tee too!!! (HUURAY for those tee and medal collector) lol. If you purchase with any participating brand then you are entitled a 20% off... which is like..

RM78.40! #mathschampion

Ok, last but not least, see you there on 21st of October ok! Lets Zumba together!

For more information, check out: http://www.watsons.com.my/move-your-body
"Do not belittle these women." 

Dear mom, 

I was told by many that I was tough, or stubborn (sometimes they have different names), I have a lot of thanks to give you. And this picture moved me a little when I looked at it, it just made me feel so proud of us, even though at one time I was not. I am glad to look back on how far we've come along given our hardships in life. 

Dear mom, we were once so close, we talked about almost everything, I would be there sitting on the cement floor, helping you with sewing. You, rushing for your part time work sewing all these tags for clothes just to make a few ten cents, paying off my school bills and all the unnecessaries that I lied about. 

Dear mom, me and Leon were talking about you, we are laughing at all the little adventures we had. I was so young but I am so smart, I helped you a lot when you got into trouble. Remember the time you got your car tire stuck in the drain?

Dear mom, we were once so close, and then we were not. Our family financial crisis killed the dynamic of our family. I remember you working so hard as a babysitter, and at the same time taking care of the family and doing part time sewing for extra income. You were often so busy, and tired. 
They probably call it puberty or rebelliousness, but you should know that I am just resenting, and hating that how hard was life back then for us, without knowing how it can hurt your heart.

Dear mom, people might not know about us, but we know. Dad is busy making the big bucks, he plays a big role in our family, he is like the anchor. 

But you are reason this ship sails (metaphor intended). 

When the times were most difficult, you stayed together with us. The world out there is big, but the courage of staying is so much more bigger than to leave, you never gave us up. 

Dear mom, you might be the cause for all the times that I cried but now I know it shapes me into a so much better person now. I am shocked at our resemblance, how stubborn I am at times, how I hustle to get things done, it's all from you.

I thank you.
For all the good and bad, ups and downs. Now, it reminds me to be gratitude and grateful of everything, of how great or successful I am, it is all because of you.   

Dear mom, happy birthday in advance, and Happy mother's day. 

Talking bout Mother's day, for all the people out there wanting to buy a special gift for your mom: My friend who owns a small company called Celovis just approached me for an e-code for my friends who wanted to buy gift for mom. 

Each special box of this comes with customized bangle (only until for those who order before 10th of May, after that will be standard "love you mom"), 1 mother's Day card, 1 mini bouquet of baby breathe and 1 complimentary video.

So if you wish for a little customised gift, you got to act fast cause it only last until 10th of May.

If you wish to buy a gift for your mom too, please help supporting my friend? Click HERE to purchase and remember to include CARINA-FD for RM25 off or you can pay original price... haha.

Signing off,

People got married once in a life for a reason, because of the tedious preparation work and the stress of meeting expectations.

In case you didn't follow, it was a month away to my big day and the piling of stress is definitely bottling up and it decided to let go in tear form today. 

It is no joke of crazy bride they call or the kind of psychology syndrome that people facing. I was in a whole despair today seeking of no help and feeling very very helpless of this of cycle of just to meet people expectations and the heavy burden of all these people telling me 
"it's a once in a lifetime, might as well" 

I swear for the next time that I heard this one coming from someone, I will just ask them to shut the fuck up. 

Like, who is the one started with this marriage thing? 
Man, that person really know how to make money. And, he must be one free man. 

Me, not so free, is dying coping with just trying to look my best. I've been waking up really early in the morning just to go to the gym. I've also been picking out of all the guilty and sinful dinner that I had, just because I had to and I am not proud of myself. 

I am in a constant mode of busy worrying and it wasn't enjoyable at all. 
Because this wedding "style" wasn't what I expecting at all. 

I just want it to be simple.
But looks like simple is the hardest. 
How many guests I will have to please. How many people I will have to greet. 

And I successfully did it. I am a crazy bride-to-be today. 
Lying on the bed crying. And I hate myself for this so much. 

Signing off,
Glad that people only have to marry once. 

My favourite skin care routine is always simple, as I believe simplicity is the best.
Other than sunblock and face wash, toner and hydration sheet mask are my essentials.

But I'm in a age that need more than just basics.
I was convinced that I need something like Biochem Essence.
Biochem Rose Rejuvenate Essence from Taiwan is extracted from rose hip extract. It's a concentration not just helps with slowing down the secretion of sebum and acne but also tackling my biggest problem: dull skin and dark spots.

Korea skin products are in trend now, but Taiwan brands are also one of my favorite. 

My latest bought on Biochem Rose Rejuvenate Essence from Taiwan can be bought online from Malaysia.
Click here to buy: Arwin/Biochem Products list. 
Facebook: Arwin/Biochem Facebook

Biochem has a series of very interesting and effective products. But out of all, the Rose Rejuvenate Essence is my favourite and it is well known for the effectiveness for oil-control and speed up the collagen synthesis. 
Main Ingredients of this Rose Rejuvenate Essence are: 
  • Rose water, rosehip extract
  • Multiflora rose extract
  • Champagne rose extract 
  • Carnosine
  • Cyclopeptide-5
  • Gold Foil 
It has a premium price tag and main reason is the gold foil inside!!!

It's very hydrating, I use it after my bath every morning and night.
It also leave a non-sticky and non-oily finishing look.

It has a benefit that helps stimulate and activate the skin cells!
It's highly recommended for those who has dull and dry skin like me.

Now, Arwin/Biochem are having Chinese New Year promotion. You should really check them out for more information!
Click here for the online shop: Arwin/Biochem Products list. 
Click here for Facebook acc: Arwin/Biochem Facebook

Signing off,
Having a boink boink hydrated skin!

"22 days until 2017..."

It's like  a love hate relationship I have with December. I feel like really sorry that it's ending soon but I could at least put a dot to everything that happened this year, be it good or bad, the ups or downs, and just let the past descend.
Just keep pedaling.

Also, I've set myself a bunch of goals for 2017, as it's a new year! We shall celebrate it with lots of prosperous and wishful goals. 

I always try to work on brushing my skills at work. It's a slow progress for now but I could see the difference since I've been constantly pushing myself to stay determined. I'm still working on my trivial bad habits, you know, it is like the sticky shit that you sometimes can't flush away, still trying my best on that. But I know I can do it! Just need a lot of perseverance. 

I've always wanted to advance my english proficiency by taking some classes. Also, my biggest goal of life is to master 6 languages. So, it's time to start picking up my 4th language next year as we all need to constantly advance our knowledge and skill set. This is to make sure that you are constantly competitive in the market, be it for work or self fulfillment, one should always seek for more knowledge. 

Third, SAVE.
As me and Leon already have a place to stay now, I'm currently saving money to buy a new car, (hopefully next year). It is such a struggle because I have high expectations on cars, especially on the outlook and interior.

I'm currently eyeing on this brand new Honda Civic that glad-fully fulfills most of my needs.

It was launched in June but already marked about 8000 units sold! 

Honda Civic also kind of match all of my 2017 goals. It is the first Japanese mass market with turbo engine. With 1.5L turbo engine that output equals to 2.4L manage to sweep my feet away. I am surprised with how powerful the brand new Honda Civic is.

The advance technology of this brand new C-segment car that has all the cool features that managed to catch my eyeballs.
My favorite feature is definitely the 
i) Remote Engine Start
Remote engine start allows you to start your engine and cool down the car first before you get into the car within 10 meters away. 

ii)Auto Brake Hold
Easing your leg muscle! If you're stuck in traffic, definitely no longer need to constantly press on the brake pedal. 

There are also other impressive features like Walk Away Auto Lock and Electric Parking Brake. For those music lovers, electrostatic steering switch is definitely something to look for!

Iphone Carplay ftw!
One of the biggest reasons of them all that I choose Honda Civic as my goal car next year, is due to the jaw dropping service fee.

The new Honda Civic is not just impressively powerful but also a good bargain as you can drop your car at any one of the 88 Honda dealers nationwide to enjoy the 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage with a service interval of 10,000km!
The very dedicated Honda service center mechanic

Did you know the service cost for 5 years in total did not exceed RM1,000! So much savings!

Of course, Honda Civic unique selling point is definitely their top class safety features.

With 6 airbags (dual front airbags, side curtain airbags, side airbags), vehicle stability assist (for anti slip especially rainy days), anti-lock braking system, brake and hill start assist, also the emergency stop signal, PHEW! So much cool features! Honda Civic has officially won my heart if you can't already tell.
Extra Room Spacious too!

Did I mentioned they also have the iphone carplay?

I think I've talked too much but you got to try on your own to prove that I'm not wrong! 
Check out http://www.honda-malaysia.com/ for more information and price inquiries. 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hondacivic/

Signing off, 

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