I feel humiliated in a way, but I've no idea why does it make me angry. 
Honestly, why should I feeling infuriate over people like this? 

And the story happens on this day that Leon fetching me back from university, and I can’t recall where are we going but we have to pass this toll.

And I decided to pay the toll with the coins in Leon’s car so both of us need not to dig out our purse/wallet. It happen that Leon’s car coin case only have RM1.40 and some 5 cents. And I was like: owh, just pay this toll with RM1.40 and 2 5cents (because normally I would use up all the 5 cents I have instead of just TWO).

And I guess it is explicable, right? It’s only two 5cents (not 10 or 15 of them! Duh!)

Guess what.
This woman take forever to count the money, and I am pretty sure she do this in purpose as others toll girl I met they just scan the coins and open the gate.

The moment when we are ready to drift off, I hear a clear sound of coin hitting the ground. She actually tosses out the coin(s) on the floor, and her face emotion: DESPICABLE.

If you have problem with THE 5 cents, please, GIVE THEM TO ME, PLEASE. I AM SO POOR and the 5 cents actually mean something to me, but it means nothing to this RICH TOLL-GIRL.  

I always believe people who never understand the value of money has no power to change their life. I wish you best counting notes that does not belong to you for-ever-and-ever-and ever working as a toll-girl! J  
No, I am not being skeptical. There’s nothing wrong working there, it just happens that she will work there, FOREVER.  

#PS: don’t forget, two 5 cents equal to 10 cents.

I wish I remember her name. fuck.

Do you know my skin condition is dull even thought I have a fair skin (wtf? )   
It's like my face is cover with a grey mask. (what is this skin type called?)

Guess it's because I always put on 1kg of make up. 

They always say cleansing the face is very important step as our pores always stuck with impurities. 
And I say, my face become more dry and oily on the T-zone after cleansing with those cleansing products. (I've tried a lot of different cleansing products so far! )

Of course I don't want invest a lot on cleanser ( cheap ) so I guess that's why I am having this dull skin. All the impurities stuck in my pores haha. And I am also a lazy person. (cause you have to use toner and moisturizer after you wash your face with the chemical cleansing products )

And then I was told that Gamila is an organic soap bar that you can use to cleanse your face (and body) and I read them from some beauty magazines and blog how miracles works on them. 
I personally think that's bullshit lah at first. How can a soap bar make you look like you got photo-shopped skin?!? wtf.
But I am pretty attracted as it is organic and I'm a herb person. The product is made by 30 over types of herbs and I was like "WOAH". And I found that some really famous artist in the Hollywood also using this product! 

And you know what? The soap bar have this moisturizing effect so I was so cheap that I think I can save money not to buy moisturizer and toner forever and also I can be forever lazy. *day dream* 

So I tried and this soap bar seem like it takes forever to finish.
It's the 2nd month and my bar still look the same size! ( For me, I think can use 4 to 6 month) 

First week using Gamila Secret, zits and pimples pop out zomgbbq.
I'm so furious but I remembered my friend told me that some people will react this way as this is how the toxins and impurities discharged.

So, patiently I wait for another 3 weeks, and my skin texture become more supple and slowly my face become brighter now, like photo-shopped the contrast of my face haha (however pimples are still there, I wasn't patient enough and I use pimple cream on them and it's settled ) 

I have tried so many products before but my skin never gone brighter.
So I'm wondering what's Gamila's secret that she made Gamila's Secret that can bright my face ah? 
Although it takes time, but I believe this is because the ingredients are made of herbs and not chemical. (慢工出细货)

This is not an advertorial, just a testimonial for Gamila Secret. 
If you want to know about Gamila Secret, here is a link: http://www.gamila.com/#/
And to buy Gamila Secret, you can do it online like I do :http://gamilasecret.my/ 

(1kg of make up haha)

I support products that are not animal tested and organic. 
Go green and allow your body back to nature! :) 
How bout you? 

Merci beaucoup for reading this. 

I love lying on the couch.
You know, day dreaming... (only thing that kept my brain occupied 24/7)
Mmm... Maybe with the TV on cause I like to be alone but just not too lonely. (pathetic I know)

But I guess my belly is kindda "single"

Qui! Just one big fat belly. No abs. T.T

Daniel and Sean got them all together 6 siblings! (absssssssss wtf. )

Oh, so Dan and Sean are actually my friends, and FYI the final 30 contestant of Malaysian Hottest Hunks 2012.  *proud*
Spot Daniel at "25"
I wasn't sure if he can play tennis actually.
Oh and below is Sean.

God, I need some ice just looking at their body!

And they are the owner of a gym in Sri Petaling.
Like what my belly complains, she got no siblings, so I actually went to check the place out!

OWhhhhhhh PINK KETTLE BELL!!! <3333

For your information, Daniel and Sean, the trainers are not just normal trainers but they are ACE certified personal fitness trainers! If you don't know about ACE, maybe this is helping, click here.

Moreover, both Sean and Dan are chiropractic students and both them knows the human body better than any of us (who never study chiropractic lah).  And both them is yummy-licious hot and maybe you can buy them lunch after training. ok.

I always want those kick ass abs on me (which is pretty imposibru cause I eats like a cow), so I actually request Dan and Sean to give me some class. Every customer got this 1 on 1 session, and I got 2 on 1. I guess I am powahhh. RAWR.

Dan actually show me some steps to gain some triceps.

This is sex position  to gain abs la(i think, cause I can't recall. )

Sean show me some steps too.

 I think girls need this the most. To kill those flabby arms.
And the best part is you can use water bottle on this exercise.

These steps is to strengthen your thighs and ass muscles. haha.

So now Dan is gonna show us some advance exercises! * squeak* 

If you are interested to gain some weight / get some kick ass abs or you need an "exercise supervisor", you can actually reach out to them for the 1 on 1 training class.

Behind the scenes:
Dan draw on Sean's abs.

Oh, if you want to vote any of them for MAlaysia hottest hunks 2012, here are the ways.
( each vote cost RM1 )
Vote Daniel Tan by
Type HUNK 25 and send it to 36188

OR vote Sean Lee by
Type HUNK 05 and send it to 36188


AHAHAHAH. I wonder how I actually take their pictures without blushing/awkward.

OH yes. They have yoga and Pilates class too!
You can also rent their yoga room for choreographing dances for your dancing team.

And for those who join in their personal fitness training class will get goodies bag!


Sean Lee: 016-4126331 / ish4098@hotmail.com

Daniel Tan: 0163337212 / danieltanlt92@gmail.com

53/2, Jalan Radin Bagus, 
Zone 5 Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur, WP.
*please call before walk in.

Good luck getting those abs! 

If you have read my previous post about Valentine cheat, ( or if you have not, here is the link:  http://iamnuts-babehui.blogspot.com/2012/02/valentine-day-special-cheat-your.html )

Here is the cheat 2.
If you are not going to love cooking rice and cutting, chopping this and that, probably mixing is a good way tho. 

And actually I have post about baking before, or not? 
Today, we are going to bake o 
Butter Cheese Cake.

And as I always say, it's really simple to cook a wonderful cake. 
All you have to do is never forget about THIS:
*ninja style*
pre mix

And this is also very important.
Every cake need butter.

8 Eggs.

 Ok, basically, the Pre-mix will tell you what to do.
pre mix

All you have to do is a good girl and follow instructions.
Why there is Pre-Mix in the world?
Because we are lazy :D

Beat butter.

Measure milk.
Awww, look Zac is at the back.
measure with measuring cup

Mix everything up until it's fluffy.
pre mix

Put the mixture into the oven and bake it.
Poof, its done.
pre mix

Cut and decorate your cake lah!

Now you can spray some water on your face and tell your bf you bake it like 4 hours and you are so tired.
He will pamper you! :D

Who needs recipe if you have Pre-Mix? 15minutes and you're done! 

Good luck!

Valentine day is just around the corner.
Feeling to blue cause you can't decide what to do to bright up the Valentine day and make it special? 
*This is why I say single is always the best!

Anyway, since you're really bad luck because you have a boyfriend on a Valentine day, I decided to help you out. 

I am here to teach you how to CHEAT. 

Yes. Cheat.
....on your cooking skills. 

kawaii bento, cute lunch box

This look verycomplicatedwtf. 
But unless, you don't even know how to use a knife, or else, this is just a PIECE OF.....

which means a cute lunch box.

If you really can't make this after read my blog post, seriously, you don't deserve a boyfriend, single is just good for you. haha

kawaii bento, cute lunch box

For the bento making, you need the 
Knife (small one will do)
lunch box
cling wrap
chopping board

red plum ( THAT IS NOT AN APPLE FYI ) 
green apple
Rice ( Japanese rice is recommended )
soy sauce

Something Extra:

Ok, basically, I will teach you guys how to do the basic thing, and how to decorate it, and what ingredients you want to use actually is optional, depends on personal preferences. 

1st: How to make your rice brown?
Ok, I am not going to teach you how to cook the rice as everyone has the rice cooker. 
But if you want your decoration bear to be a "Brown Bear" instead of the "Polar Bear" or "Panda" , mix your rice with the soy sauce. 
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

2nd: How to shape the rice?
Use the cling wrap. Always use the cling wrap.
You can use your bare hand tho, erm. Just that it's not that hygiene.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

See? The Brown Bear's head is shaped.
You can achieve a better result while the rice is still sticky and warm.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box
Mine is actually quite a bad example....

3rd: How to make the octopus decoration?
It's pretty simple.
But always remember to buy a bigger sausage.
The length is not vital but to get the perfect Octopus Deco, you have to make sure the sausage is thick enough for you to cut.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Cut a cross, and another cross again. ( so hard to explain lah, use your brain here )
Left it half hanging to form the Octopus head.
Now you'll have 8 tentacles.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Fry them on a pan/wok with a little oil. And you're done with the octopus.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

4th: How to make the freaking cute Hen Decoration? 
This is also very simple.
First, prepare a boiled egg.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Cut a small thin slice of carrot in this shape.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

And poke into the egg.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Cut another slices of carrots into some shapes as these.
And yes, poke them into the correct place.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

 5th: How to make the awesome flower deco!?
This is also very very simple.
Cut the strawberry into half, and into shape like these:
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Cut a slice of the cucumber and cut them into shapes like these:
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Use a toothpick and joined them together.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

6th: How to make the cute rabbit decoration ah?
Ok. This is something hard.
As it is kind of hard to explain with my utterly finite vocabulary.
If you cannot get it through the picture, just don't do the rabbit deco okay? *RAGE*
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Basically you have to crave a shape like below on your apple.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

And gently slice the rabbit ear. ( DON'T CUT IT OFF MORON)
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

And do a upper cut lah. like below:
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Your rabbit basically will look like this.
It can be a base to make your strawberry flowers stand.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Something extra?
You can actually fried some nuggets to make as base too. 
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Do a cheese roll egg if your bf loves cheese.

It's pretty easy, just fry the egg into 7/10 cooked and roll the cheese on. 
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Decoration start.
Oh well, to make the eyes, you can always cut the seaweeds into the shape you like.
for the nose part, use a toothpick and draw on the cheese!
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Slowly modify until you are satisfy!
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

kawaii bento, cute lunch box

kawaii bento, cute lunch box

kawaii bento, cute lunch box

kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Use some cucumber slices to be the separator.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Ok, I use black sesame to make that ASEAN eye for the hen.
kawaii bento, cute lunch box

Good luck girls!

p/s: Leave me a comment if your bf likes it!
ehhem, or your girlfriend loves it! :D

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