Valentine Day Special: CHEAT YOUR BOYFRIEND NOW, Part 2.

If you have read my previous post about Valentine cheat, ( or if you have not, here is the link: )

Here is the cheat 2.
If you are not going to love cooking rice and cutting, chopping this and that, probably mixing is a good way tho. 

And actually I have post about baking before, or not? 
Today, we are going to bake o 
Butter Cheese Cake.

And as I always say, it's really simple to cook a wonderful cake. 
All you have to do is never forget about THIS:
*ninja style*
pre mix

And this is also very important.
Every cake need butter.

8 Eggs.

 Ok, basically, the Pre-mix will tell you what to do.
pre mix

All you have to do is a good girl and follow instructions.
Why there is Pre-Mix in the world?
Because we are lazy :D

Beat butter.

Measure milk.
Awww, look Zac is at the back.
measure with measuring cup

Mix everything up until it's fluffy.
pre mix

Put the mixture into the oven and bake it.
Poof, its done.
pre mix

Cut and decorate your cake lah!

Now you can spray some water on your face and tell your bf you bake it like 4 hours and you are so tired.
He will pamper you! :D

Who needs recipe if you have Pre-Mix? 15minutes and you're done! 

Good luck!

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  1. Haha but even so, its the thought that counts... :p

  2. hahahaha! i like it! especially ur expression together with the ingredients! LOL
    and the spray water one... LOL!
    not bad mah, u pandai "cheat" ur bf!
    but i totally agree with u, sometimes u just have to do something, even is a lil trick to make your effort worth! LOL

  3. nice camwhoring skills .. hehe

  4. Hehher it is the heart that counts, no matter u bake it using oni premix or watever. Good one! N nice photos with the ingredients together with explanation hehhe :)

  5. So cute la you when you post with the ingredients! I never knew there is such thing as "pre-mix" good idea!!!! ngeh ngeh ngeh!


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