The Forever-Toll-Girl


I feel humiliated in a way, but I've no idea why does it make me angry. 
Honestly, why should I feeling infuriate over people like this? 

And the story happens on this day that Leon fetching me back from university, and I can’t recall where are we going but we have to pass this toll.

And I decided to pay the toll with the coins in Leon’s car so both of us need not to dig out our purse/wallet. It happen that Leon’s car coin case only have RM1.40 and some 5 cents. And I was like: owh, just pay this toll with RM1.40 and 2 5cents (because normally I would use up all the 5 cents I have instead of just TWO).

And I guess it is explicable, right? It’s only two 5cents (not 10 or 15 of them! Duh!)

Guess what.
This woman take forever to count the money, and I am pretty sure she do this in purpose as others toll girl I met they just scan the coins and open the gate.

The moment when we are ready to drift off, I hear a clear sound of coin hitting the ground. She actually tosses out the coin(s) on the floor, and her face emotion: DESPICABLE.

If you have problem with THE 5 cents, please, GIVE THEM TO ME, PLEASE. I AM SO POOR and the 5 cents actually mean something to me, but it means nothing to this RICH TOLL-GIRL.  

I always believe people who never understand the value of money has no power to change their life. I wish you best counting notes that does not belong to you for-ever-and-ever-and ever working as a toll-girl! J  
No, I am not being skeptical. There’s nothing wrong working there, it just happens that she will work there, FOREVER.  

#PS: don’t forget, two 5 cents equal to 10 cents.

I wish I remember her name. fuck.

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  1. LOL I've no idea why she do that!! hmm... she rich but, the money is not for her what, why she tossed it?

  2. hahaha funny la wey! toll girl also can be like that! i guess she had a bad day. someone molested her hand previously or smtg. LOL


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