Cheap Skate Tactics.

Bad sales person, over aggressive sales person and bad attitude sales person are big turn offs. 

I don't really go shopping that much actually main reason goes to money, but when I have something I really want, I really expect getting the best shopping experience however sales person often fucking turn me off. 

First of all, being a cheapskate *yes I admit I AM* I always hunt for good price (if I am free). And sometimes, when I go for these free or really cheap service ( example :gruopon facial vouchers ) I really gone crazy over the price, love the service BUT I loathe the fact that they will actually tell you to +++++++ MONEY for extra service. 

I really get the point that offering cheap service are just to attract customers and to marketing, but seriously, I really find that extra service offered by bad sales person will just make the conversation goes awry and awkward. It's like errrr, wtf? 

And the over aggressive kind of sales person can be a major reason I got mad. I am not a patient person, and I try to hold my temper in public. But the thing is, some over aggressive sales person JUST DON'T GET IT. See, I've already paid and that's bad, because if I let my temper out, I am afraid that I will get bad service. 

And I just realize to actually turn all these kind of sales person down is to have these magic words. 

Just like Dora the explorer now I've already come out with these simple steps, please repeat after me. 

And at special moments, you have to act blur also. This is to maximize your benefit on all these cheapskate deals. 

First, whatever the sales person said, you just fucking shut up. Act like you heard nothing. Because when you answer, they will take it as you show interest! YES. JUST PLAY DEAF. 

Next, if they show you any deal when after service, just act BLIND. Because when you look at their products, they will see you as showing interest and then they will bomb you with all kind of sales tactic. Of course the most frequent used is telling you now you'll get half price and you won't get this price after you walk out the door. JUST BE A IGNORANT OKAY, or else you gonna pay for it and you're no longer securing your "cheapskate queen" tittle. ( okay maybe nobody wants it ) 

Third, smile if they ask you "why" and if the above 2 magic words aren't useful. 

Well, I guess that's pretty much hurt for a sales person if she got ignored by a smile. Heh. 
It's like "I'm ignoring you but I am nice you cannot be mad at me!" hah.

And Yay!
Congratulations, you just saved yourself from all these monsters. 

Good luck. 

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  1. congratz to u! LOL btw it's Groupon facial not gruopon... well i use groupon for marketing as well but I don't force my client on some of my offers. I will nicely inform them and if they don't want, I just say thank you and please wait for the photos in coming 2 weeks :)

    1. Purposely spell it wrongly later I got sued. Hahahahah

  2. Of course, you want cheap stuff, you get shitty service. It's known for that. LOL
    Lots of people have complained about their experience on that. But there are few places that offer cheap stuff with good service and that makes me go back. Particularly, in the F&B arena. :)


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