Back to blogging before the Chinese New Year just to share some really cheap ideas running in my mind lately.

FYI I don't really born with a silver spoon, and I've heard so many cheap story around me and I have done some of them of course, haha. 

And the worst I've heard is ditching the girlfriend before Valentine's and also birthday. LOL. So you doesn't need to come out with any presents or affectionate romantic dinner which cost you a bomb. 

However, you can always have cheap Valentine.
For a cheap person like me, I have many cheap ideas. Just continue reading. 

For Leon, I am so blessed that he's not around on his birthday and also Valentine's day. HAHA. Thanks pu sa guan yin ma allah and jesus, and I can always get rid with an excuse as I am still studying. 

But it's true as alot of the Y-generation are actually showing their affection to their partner with their parents' money. Congrats if your boyfriend/girlfriend got a rich dad. And I don't have one so I am sorry dear bf, wait until I work ok.

So that enough with the bullshit, first cheap idea is to bake something. Anything. I don't know why guys will always buy this (I think is because girls nowadays don't cook and don't bake ). If you are a beginner they will be much more touched, just as touched as they found you're a virgin.  And if you want to cheat on this of course, you can refer this : and type "how to bake a chocolate cake" 

Actually baking do works on girls also, because girls simple just like the guys who cooks, they are hot! (bullshit, we are just fucking lazy ) And guess what, baking just cost you less than RM60. And if you buy premix probable will only cost you RM5.90? Affordable? *grin*

And I think I have some baking and cooking blog post last year which gives some really good response. See Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE. I think both are actually pretty easy but one must not have Parkinson or uncoordinated limbs.  

If baking doesn't really delight you or you've already done this in past year, and you fond something CHEAP like me, just pay RM3.90 to buy a box of candles. Of course you should buy around 5 boxes and 2 cup noodles which cost you around RM3 (you can buy expensive one if you have budget). I guess eating cup noodles in lit heart shaped candles would be romantic. LOL. Very affordable and memorable eyh. 

If you don't fond the hot sticky romantic candles idea, you can always fold a bunch of RM1 notes roses. Well, if only you know how hard to fold them and I guess you don't have enough time to learn it as Valentine is already 4 days away. But if you insist, I suggest you use the US dollar.
Just because that's the only money video I can find from Youtube. heh.

Or you can fold some with color papers!

Well, I personally quite fond the Paper rose idea. *it's a hint dear! :P *

If paper origami can't make you happy either, I guess you better ditch your gf/bf and patch back after the Valentine cause you're too cheap to have a gf /bf on Valentine! 

Well, if you are my bf and you're reading this, actually I have a list of stuff I wish to get on this special day. Please click HERE.

Going to bed. Wishing all the love birds don't cause a baby bomb in the November or December ya. 

Have a good weekend and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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