In a relationship, there is always ups and downs. However, me and Leon has been staying at the node always, no ups no downs. Leon's panda attitude contribute on this the most, he's always blur and just chill and eat and live as if he is really going to extinct.

And if you really want to go UP, mark down 28th March to 31st March as the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon is BACK!

I am so excited like before and I can't calm my tits now!

Returning of the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta for the fifth year, the event will have this para-motor exhibition, helicopter joy rides, coloring contest and many more like the previous years, but what make this year a special one is the SMURF HOT AIR BALLOON!
I want a ride on that!!!

putrajaya 5th international hot air balloon fiesta
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Of course the event will fill with crowd so remember to come light, and drink lots of water as it's gonna be really hot.

Oh oh oh! And the best part is, there's gonna be fireworks! What's more romantic than a kiss under the colorful night sky?


Check for more information. 

See you there!:)

Girls got a lot of problems. Some times I think that their mind can run as fast as the Tianhe-1A computer. (the 10 fastest computer in world with 2.5 petaflops) And it store a lot (it is useful when comes to fight, cause girls can really bring out all this trivial matters 10 years ago, believe me, we can)
There can be one thousand and one problems, but always, or almost always, all problems find their way back to place to these 10 main areas. 

First of all, 
Girls are born to complaint (YES, WE ARE). They complaint about the dad don't buy them sweet when they are 6. They complaint the girl sitting next to her tend to get more attention from the teacher when they are 9. They complaint the school rule for clipping the hair because they are fugly when they are 13. They complaint the girl next class have shorter skirt than herself but never get caught when they are 15. They complaint the boyfriend never get them a bigger teddy on Valentine's when they are 17. They complaint the boyfriend that the friend's/someone else boyfriend is richer when they are 19. They complaint the mom "I am old enough to have freedom!" when they are 21 I complaint why I just don't get thinner everyday, with fried chicken in my hand. *smirk*

And some girls they complaint the government like Bawan* for not giving free education. (okay, maybe not complaint but suggest/giving opinion) And some girls they complaint no one listen to them "I need attention here, hello!HELLO! LISTEN!" like Sharifa*. 

We complaint EVERYDAY. Because everyone got problem, everyday got problem. like the dogs, the cats, the ......etc. 

Or you can say we are not complaining, we are expressing. This is one of the reason that the male population dies faster than we girls. Simply because we clear our cache and data everyday. 

Oh, too far away. So I actually want to complaint today about what to wear for dinner next week, yes. But then since we are here, let me continue.

10 main area of girls problems.
1st: Too much of beh song. 
Like what I say, they beh song with almost everything. Even the candy crush player reach to level 100 they also can beh song and say "Ki siao ah? so free everyday play. This person must be no life one."

2nd: Too FAT. 
Do you know what's the biggest dream of every single woman on earth? To marry a tall, rich and handsome guy? That's lifetime goal, not dream. Our biggest dream is to be anorexia  Because we can eat and get fat happily. AT LAST I CAN EAT WITHOUT FEELING GUILT. 

Every girl is a judge inside. You are either too fat or too thin, you will still be judged. Either they themselves are too fat or someone else is too fat can be deadly sin. But I guess fat girls complaint more than skinnier one. But just one kind advice: No girls think themselves are skinny. 

Girls are expert critics. But it's all because they care? NO. We are just jealous which sometimes you or me myself couldn't fathom. You jealous over someone getting so much more attention then you are,  you jealous over why this people got plastic and she got prettier, you jealous over why the hell you are not born in America, you jealous why Obama not your 爸爸. 

And they become Tyra Banks instantly, super critics. 
"Har, this girl pretty meh. Just because her eyes are big only looooh bitch please, she got no boobs look at that"

The 4th to 10th reason are same with the 3rd reason.

Basically getting a girlfriend is hard because you have to love her, her family, and the biggest challenge is her GIRLFRIENDS. And the most ridiculous moment was being interrogate from top to toe, from your parents to your pet.

But then you must understand, this is our problem, we need an affirmative answer, we are born with it. So you have to accept us.Period.

Did I just say we girls are ferocious? Some are physically but most of us are mentally so.

Good luck with getting a girlfriend.

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