Hot Air Balloon in Putrajaya

In a relationship, there is always ups and downs. However, me and Leon has been staying at the node always, no ups no downs. Leon's panda attitude contribute on this the most, he's always blur and just chill and eat and live as if he is really going to extinct.

And if you really want to go UP, mark down 28th March to 31st March as the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon is BACK!

I am so excited like before and I can't calm my tits now!

Returning of the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta for the fifth year, the event will have this para-motor exhibition, helicopter joy rides, coloring contest and many more like the previous years, but what make this year a special one is the SMURF HOT AIR BALLOON!
I want a ride on that!!!

putrajaya 5th international hot air balloon fiesta
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Of course the event will fill with crowd so remember to come light, and drink lots of water as it's gonna be really hot.

Oh oh oh! And the best part is, there's gonna be fireworks! What's more romantic than a kiss under the colorful night sky?


Check for more information. 

See you there!:)

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