Throw back to my last Saturday, it was really a mini getaway for me from the busy town and also exam stress and it really does tweak my mood back a bit.
Just right before I got emotionally crippled, by exams and tons of bullshit-from-reality.

Picnic sandwich, by Carina.
But maybe I shall named it after Leon, cause he pay for it. *laugh*
picnic bacon sandwich

Who want that title anyway, stupid.

And just in case you are wondering where we went, Desa City Park is the place.
We could go other picnic spot but this one is the easiest and nearest, for us.

Was totally crazy over by Chester the Husky while we are cycling around.
Awwwwwwwww~~ Look at his super fluffy white-grey fur!
cute husky dog

And he smell like cherry X blossom sakura. Anyway I don't smell any Sakura before but he smell like the sakura in my imagination. Sooo good!!!! How can a dog doesn't smell like dog?!!!
cute Chester the Husky dog

 Look at him and my heartbeats stop a little.
And Leon actually agrees with me and changed his mind that Husky is the most cute dog in the world, and second most cute creature in the world! Cause I'm the first most cute creature and I agreed with him. YAY!

Ok fine I lied at the after line. He never say anything about me. :'(

Oh oh ya. If you want to cycle around the park, they have this bicycle shop that actually rent bicycles.
And I want this one. *eyesBlink2xfaster*


bicycle for rent Desa City Park

There goes my wonderful evening.
Well, I guess everyone need some break from the city.
And actually we almost got our ass kicked out by guards cause we brought booze to the park. (BEST PART) teehee. And Leon say it's just apple cider. Well, how can I lie with my red face?I just can't. *dulanFace* But seriously, they should have make drinking legal in the park. 

Leon on bike

Never mind, we manage to finish it anyway. heeehee. 

Quote of the day:

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

― Albert Einstein

signing off 
with lots of heart

And I am sitting on the car daydreaming a lot because hormones attacked and my PMS actually extended. And wondering what you can do with 15 millions CASH.

pile of cash 26 millions cash

Well, this 15 millions thing actually come from the new game me and Leon found out, Magnum 4D. And actually Leon was helping the mom buying on some random number and won a little money and then we are like "damn, so this Magnum thing worth a play!"


So then the daydreaming started like omg.

And when I'm done with daydreaming what and how I am going to use my money if shits happen that I really won the 15 millions, wahlao, I think I will not tell you all lah, cause I don't want got kidnap. So I ask Leon, what he'll did if he won 15 millions.

And his answer is so disappointing that I died for 5 minutes due to heart attack.
"Buy house"
"And car"
"Gamble some of it haha"

That's it.

And I gasping from air from my heart attack and ask
"And then?"
"And thennnn"

Yes, this is exactly what we typed, same amount of "n" on my "thennnn" some more.
I AM TRYING TO GIVING HINTS LAH, and he is too dumb to include me in any of those plans of his. I think I need a back up plan my life omg.

and the next thing is "go on a holiday" and  "rent a cabin on mountain"

He really broke my heart tee.tee.

And I was dumb enough to decide buy him a Lamborghini if I won 15 millions and not even think of buying myself anything yet also lo.

See here is my plan:
1. I decided to buy him a Lamborghini.
2. And then I will buy my house at Desa Park City heehee because I can see the dogs there everyday but they don't have to stay with me heeehee, dogpoopfree yay.
3. Start a business and hire someone auto pilot it.
4. Fly to some poor country and volunteer for a year.
5. Go for a World Tour.
6. Go Korea for plastic surgery because I think I might get darker and uglier after that.
7. Have a studio my own and come out own album.
8. Hire a butler like Batman and run my own business now.

But since that Leon is not placing me in any of his plan, so i save the money from buying Lamborghini. Maybe here is the plan:
1. Ditch Leon.
2. Start a stripper club business. (heeehee)
3. Use up all money until I died.

End the post with this really mean video. Somehow I think Leon might treat me so T.T

signing off without lessthanthree tee.tee

Ok Fine, I'm actually having a PMS here and I am proudly to announced that first in my lifetime, I am annoyed over someone saying me "You are ugly."

Can somebody tell me why someone have to say something that is this mean? Is "You are ugly" can be funny at any extend?

I don't think if you know me in real life but fyi I am somebody who can take sarcastic / joke and also do not mind if you laughing pointing me and say I am fat and have big ass which is my biggest weakness actually.

But NeverMinded, I am now full with gas and also annoyance over someone who actually repeated himself so many times as if I am deaf that I am UGLY in a joke manner. F.Y.I I've already pretend not to heard it does not mean you can repeat it THANK YOU.

you want some fuck

It's okay for you people to say I am fat because honestly I am, and I think I deserve it because I don't control my meals intake (BECAUSE I HAVE BOYFRIEND YOU BUGGER, wait, it links?) but why you HAVE to say that I am ugly?

First, you don't gain anything / meat saying me ugly.
Second, you don't look sexy to me anyways.
Third, 只有你有妈妈生?(I do not know how this sentence work in English anyway I don't bother to translate)

Do you seriously think I can do anything with it? LIKE I WANT IT?

I don't get it lah. I WOULD NEVER EVER EVAHHHH SAY SOMEONE LIKE "YOU ARE UGLY" AS A JOKE LOH. I mean a joke that which you actually sounds you mean it.

But please, if that actually make you feeeeels better, go ahead. Say as much as you can.

come to my dungeon

I can give you my mom number and you can always ask her WHY SHE HAVE A UGLY DAUGHTER. Call her and ASK.

Ok, whatever.
PMS attacked and I'm finished with my ranting.

signing off.

I hate receiving compliments on my "assets". Call me a whim but it is not that nice to be honest to have watermelons with you all the while. Oh wait, probably I exaggerated it. Doubled check and they are only grapefruit size.

nice boobs

The grass is always greener the other side, if I would given a chance to trade, I would never want a big boobs lah, I want super power that can make girls's boobs bigger. It's hurt to tell but it's the fact that having a big boobs does not means you can produce a lot milk (I did research! ) So I don't get it what's the point of having super big boobs cause no matter what size, your boyfriend would be pleasure to grab yours anyway?

Blame to the media and almost every girls around me want bigger boobs. And the reason they give is either theirs is way to small or they don't look feminine enough in some clothes. And they want to have fuller breasts because they are always the attention.

I tell you what, you girls are so NAIVE. Going under a knife for a firmer boobs will only bring you more troubles. Well, unless you are less than A cup, I guess it's still acceptable cause if you don't go for a boob job you might look like a street rocker. ( if you get what I mean )
street rocker

Imagine all the weight in front of your chest and shoulder, and higher possibility of tripped on the road and also got raped, being labelled as stupid and brainless and the part that I got annoyed the most is
it's so sad to buy bra *insert violin mp3 here*

Why can I never got these cute bras with floral and laces like cute cupcakes.
Can never fit in those.

I'm not being sarcastic but it's either I will look like I tried too hard in those cute bras, like a pair of saggy maternity boobs tried too hard to act teen, or my boobs just look unattractive cream fat overnight cakes instead of cute cupcakes. 

Well, if you're small chest girl and you're reading this, be grateful lah, at least you don't have to spend like that much on swim suits and bras like bigger boobs people have to. And it's always to be a wilting wallflower than to be treated like the boobs is the only personality you've got. (imagine people think you are like a walking boobs) is like the attention you drawn are only horny people and you can barely heard their lewd thoughts when you not even said your name.

Anyway, big boobs or small boobs, as long you got some meat there, be grateful :) 

signing off.

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