15 millions Cash

And I am sitting on the car daydreaming a lot because hormones attacked and my PMS actually extended. And wondering what you can do with 15 millions CASH.

pile of cash 26 millions cash

Well, this 15 millions thing actually come from the new game me and Leon found out, Magnum 4D. And actually Leon was helping the mom buying on some random number and won a little money and then we are like "damn, so this Magnum thing worth a play!"


So then the daydreaming started like omg.

And when I'm done with daydreaming what and how I am going to use my money if shits happen that I really won the 15 millions, wahlao, I think I will not tell you all lah, cause I don't want got kidnap. So I ask Leon, what he'll did if he won 15 millions.

And his answer is so disappointing that I died for 5 minutes due to heart attack.
"Buy house"
"And car"
"Gamble some of it haha"

That's it.

And I gasping from air from my heart attack and ask
"And then?"
"And thennnn"

Yes, this is exactly what we typed, same amount of "n" on my "thennnn" some more.
I AM TRYING TO GIVING HINTS LAH, and he is too dumb to include me in any of those plans of his. I think I need a back up plan my life omg.

and the next thing is "go on a holiday" and  "rent a cabin on mountain"

He really broke my heart tee.tee.

And I was dumb enough to decide buy him a Lamborghini if I won 15 millions and not even think of buying myself anything yet also lo.

See here is my plan:
1. I decided to buy him a Lamborghini.
2. And then I will buy my house at Desa Park City heehee because I can see the dogs there everyday but they don't have to stay with me heeehee, dogpoopfree yay.
3. Start a business and hire someone auto pilot it.
4. Fly to some poor country and volunteer for a year.
5. Go for a World Tour.
6. Go Korea for plastic surgery because I think I might get darker and uglier after that.
7. Have a studio my own and come out own album.
8. Hire a butler like Batman and run my own business now.

But since that Leon is not placing me in any of his plan, so i save the money from buying Lamborghini. Maybe here is the plan:
1. Ditch Leon.
2. Start a stripper club business. (heeehee)
3. Use up all money until I died.

End the post with this really mean video. Somehow I think Leon might treat me so T.T

signing off without lessthanthree tee.tee

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