Big Boobies.

I hate receiving compliments on my "assets". Call me a whim but it is not that nice to be honest to have watermelons with you all the while. Oh wait, probably I exaggerated it. Doubled check and they are only grapefruit size.

nice boobs

The grass is always greener the other side, if I would given a chance to trade, I would never want a big boobs lah, I want super power that can make girls's boobs bigger. It's hurt to tell but it's the fact that having a big boobs does not means you can produce a lot milk (I did research! ) So I don't get it what's the point of having super big boobs cause no matter what size, your boyfriend would be pleasure to grab yours anyway?

Blame to the media and almost every girls around me want bigger boobs. And the reason they give is either theirs is way to small or they don't look feminine enough in some clothes. And they want to have fuller breasts because they are always the attention.

I tell you what, you girls are so NAIVE. Going under a knife for a firmer boobs will only bring you more troubles. Well, unless you are less than A cup, I guess it's still acceptable cause if you don't go for a boob job you might look like a street rocker. ( if you get what I mean )
street rocker

Imagine all the weight in front of your chest and shoulder, and higher possibility of tripped on the road and also got raped, being labelled as stupid and brainless and the part that I got annoyed the most is
it's so sad to buy bra *insert violin mp3 here*

Why can I never got these cute bras with floral and laces like cute cupcakes.
Can never fit in those.

I'm not being sarcastic but it's either I will look like I tried too hard in those cute bras, like a pair of saggy maternity boobs tried too hard to act teen, or my boobs just look unattractive cream fat overnight cakes instead of cute cupcakes. 

Well, if you're small chest girl and you're reading this, be grateful lah, at least you don't have to spend like that much on swim suits and bras like bigger boobs people have to. And it's always to be a wilting wallflower than to be treated like the boobs is the only personality you've got. (imagine people think you are like a walking boobs) is like the attention you drawn are only horny people and you can barely heard their lewd thoughts when you not even said your name.

Anyway, big boobs or small boobs, as long you got some meat there, be grateful :) 

signing off.

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  1. For me, it doesn't matter with girls who having big/small boobs; it is matter how the girl standing posture while communicate with peoples.

    ahem . . . :x

    1. what do you mean by standing posture? lol?

  2. lol... kian fai prefer standing posture than boobs? Like really? But I do think that the bigger your boobs, the more jerk u will attract... at the end of the day, those are mostly for your babies! :P

    1. HaHHHHHAAA. I disagree lo :( the more bigger your boobs, the more that people don't take you seriously. :(

  3. big boobs will definitely attract a lot of men~ =D


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