Like I Care?

Ok Fine, I'm actually having a PMS here and I am proudly to announced that first in my lifetime, I am annoyed over someone saying me "You are ugly."

Can somebody tell me why someone have to say something that is this mean? Is "You are ugly" can be funny at any extend?

I don't think if you know me in real life but fyi I am somebody who can take sarcastic / joke and also do not mind if you laughing pointing me and say I am fat and have big ass which is my biggest weakness actually.

But NeverMinded, I am now full with gas and also annoyance over someone who actually repeated himself so many times as if I am deaf that I am UGLY in a joke manner. F.Y.I I've already pretend not to heard it does not mean you can repeat it THANK YOU.

you want some fuck

It's okay for you people to say I am fat because honestly I am, and I think I deserve it because I don't control my meals intake (BECAUSE I HAVE BOYFRIEND YOU BUGGER, wait, it links?) but why you HAVE to say that I am ugly?

First, you don't gain anything / meat saying me ugly.
Second, you don't look sexy to me anyways.
Third, 只有你有妈妈生?(I do not know how this sentence work in English anyway I don't bother to translate)

Do you seriously think I can do anything with it? LIKE I WANT IT?

I don't get it lah. I WOULD NEVER EVER EVAHHHH SAY SOMEONE LIKE "YOU ARE UGLY" AS A JOKE LOH. I mean a joke that which you actually sounds you mean it.

But please, if that actually make you feeeeels better, go ahead. Say as much as you can.

come to my dungeon

I can give you my mom number and you can always ask her WHY SHE HAVE A UGLY DAUGHTER. Call her and ASK.

Ok, whatever.
PMS attacked and I'm finished with my ranting.

signing off.

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