Little Picnic Treat

Throw back to my last Saturday, it was really a mini getaway for me from the busy town and also exam stress and it really does tweak my mood back a bit.
Just right before I got emotionally crippled, by exams and tons of bullshit-from-reality.

Picnic sandwich, by Carina.
But maybe I shall named it after Leon, cause he pay for it. *laugh*
picnic bacon sandwich

Who want that title anyway, stupid.

And just in case you are wondering where we went, Desa City Park is the place.
We could go other picnic spot but this one is the easiest and nearest, for us.

Was totally crazy over by Chester the Husky while we are cycling around.
Awwwwwwwww~~ Look at his super fluffy white-grey fur!
cute husky dog

And he smell like cherry X blossom sakura. Anyway I don't smell any Sakura before but he smell like the sakura in my imagination. Sooo good!!!! How can a dog doesn't smell like dog?!!!
cute Chester the Husky dog

 Look at him and my heartbeats stop a little.
And Leon actually agrees with me and changed his mind that Husky is the most cute dog in the world, and second most cute creature in the world! Cause I'm the first most cute creature and I agreed with him. YAY!

Ok fine I lied at the after line. He never say anything about me. :'(

Oh oh ya. If you want to cycle around the park, they have this bicycle shop that actually rent bicycles.
And I want this one. *eyesBlink2xfaster*


bicycle for rent Desa City Park

There goes my wonderful evening.
Well, I guess everyone need some break from the city.
And actually we almost got our ass kicked out by guards cause we brought booze to the park. (BEST PART) teehee. And Leon say it's just apple cider. Well, how can I lie with my red face?I just can't. *dulanFace* But seriously, they should have make drinking legal in the park. 

Leon on bike

Never mind, we manage to finish it anyway. heeehee. 

Quote of the day:

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

― Albert Einstein

signing off 
with lots of heart

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  1. I stay somewhere near Desa Park too! Heheh the husky is so damn cute!!!! <3

    1. Omg really!!!? I love the housing area there Tee.tee can i stay with you!!!?


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