There is so many products currently in the market. But what is a good product? Which one suits you?


We all facing our electronic gadgets everyday, and often forget about drinking enough fluid. And for our skin, they need to be hydrate as well! Don't be so dry! (inside joke) For me, I really think that skin need to be hydrate, and that's what I concern the most on skincare! 

Honestly, I am a very lazy person. Following steps by steps, cleansing and toner and .... Seriously, I give up. TOO TEDIOUS! 

But, I still want to look beautiful, I want to be the first lazy beauty. 
And this is my FAVORITE Laneige product! Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX!


Some says, smile is the best make up, smile is making you look prettier etc.  
But I don't think smile look good on dry skin. When your skin is dry, you are much more easier to get peeled and cracked skin! And dry skin will get wrinkles easier as well compared to oily skin.

And sleeping pack is my savior! All of those days I thought that this is one of the wonderful God's gifts to all the lazy people out there!!! 
Every time I thought of it I want to cry, sob. Thanks JesusAllahGuanYinMa. :')

Every night after I clean my face, I just put on Laneige's water sleeping pack on my face. Well, we sleep for like 8 hours a day, some like sleep more than that, I do not want my sleeping time got wasted. (Ikr, weird mindset)

Sleeping pack recharges hydration while sleeping. Wake up looking hotter everyday. SO HAPPY!

And I found this brand through words of mouth, friends around me are all using it! Guess Korea brand really do have their secret in it, especially comes to skin care and make ups. 

Reason I using Laneige is it really works on my face. My face become more hydrate and radiant after using it. Most probably it's because it's an Asian product, that's why it suits me because some of the western products formula don't really work on Asians as we have different climate and different type of skin. Omg! so much to learn! 

Anyway, this is a lazy blogger sharing her lazy skin care. 
Some people like K-pop artist, some people like Korean songs, some people like plastic surgery, I  like Korean skin care!

Let me show you my before and after. 
This is me before use Laneige, that one is my 哥~

This is after using Laneige. Some says I look like Song Hye Kyo now. *shy*

OKAY, don't slap me please! 
Have a good laugh and good night!

Signing off.

Things you cannot, should not, do not, do not doing, do not done, do not not in cinema...

NO_fart sign
First, NO farting should allowed. (especially the silent fart)
Reason: Smelly.
We are here watching in the cinema to distress, your fart in the middle of nowhere, and to be honest we can't do anything but inhale your toxic gas is pretty exasperating. We don't need a 4D cinema effect in 2D movie.

fat ass
Second, Fat.
Reason: highly disturbing and disgust.
I am very sorry to all kind of fluffy human out there. But some inconsiderate fluffy species is really a turn off. They did not notice they are fluffy and they always want to choose the middle seat. Well it's alright if only you don't go to toilet like every single climax of the story, thank you. Cause brushing my face with your ass and without saying a sorry is disrespectful, you make me hate all of your kind.

cinema kiss

Third, smooching.
Sometimes, I don't know where to watch, because the couple in front of me is staring a foreplay and the ticket I say is staring a cartoon. How would it possible triggering your kissing mode man? And it's no normal kiss, is a slurpy french kiss, alot of head twisting and hair grabbing one.
Go get a room man.
After all, you are actually hurting all the single friends around okay?

Forth, SEX.
Reason: nothing much, just to catch your attention.

and..... Yeap, I caught your attention. :D

catch ronald macdonald
Fifth, smuggled McD/or any other food into the cinema
Reason: Because not everyone can enjoy the food
THIS IS THE WORST OFFEND OKAY! I really hate people bring alot of good food into the cinema! Especially when you didn't buy any food, and the fat guy next to you munching a macdonald chicken burger. Man, this is gonna bring out a bitch fight. I HATE YOU OKAY BECAUSE I WANT TO EAT.

Sixth, sing along fangirl/fanboy.
Reason: Because you sounds like shit.
Why on earth people who sound like a parrot want to show off their voice in the cinema? I don't get it. Your dad don't buy the cinema, go back to your karaoke-shower-box! Sorry honey, this is not your concert.

Seventh, explain-ners.
I pay to let the movie explain to me, not you honey. So keep your mouth shut and let me watch.
If I need you to explain beside me how the movie goes, must well i just pay you rm15 to explain the movie to me, right? We do not need explaining, translating or SPOILERS in the cinema. You also do not need to prove to us that your six sense is very good to every single one in the cinema kthxbye.

Eighth, did not switch your phone to vibrate/mute
Reason: it will ring.

Nineth, answering calls.
Reason: because i can't concentrate! and sometimes I can't differentiate where is this sound comes from? movie or reality.
I don't know why some people can left their phone un-mute in the cinema. Hello, everyone pay the same price to watch the movie okay? If you are forgetful that's fine, but some people they still can answer the call and yak so loud on the phone. I personally met someone who can talk on the phone for almost 2 minutes one! SERIOUSLY, WHAT's WRONG WITH PEOPLE NOWADAYS, Y SO INCONSIDERATE ONE.

And answering your phone when it's climax should be hang to death.

Reason: cause it's unpleasant and it reminds me of stepping on dog shit.
Why would someone actually have smelly feet but they put their feet in the middle of the seat in front? Huh?

Above stated are the things you cannot, should not, do not, do not doing, do not done, do not not in cinema...

...and there are still people who doing.

signing off.

ME: "You got sick because you did not do your laundry, allowing the bacteria to ... (rants) "

"And you don't eat fruits." 

MAN: "What?!"

ME: "I say you never take fruits in your diet!"

MAN: "I take vege" 

ME: "hah, yeah." (sarcastic+disbelief+maybeit'strue?+ithinkit'scool) 

MAN: "I take it during lunch, when working" 

ME: "oh.......okay then... " (fine, with a fullstop)

MAN: "Hah! I take tomato sauce! And tomatoes are fruits!"

ME: "...."
ME: "...."
ME: "...."

signing off.
Hello my name is Benn Benn.

I look very exotic right? Actually I am a mix dog, pretty cool huh?
A mix of vegetable and dog. (cantonese) fine if you don't get it no big deal. 

Today everyone is out of the house, even the maid is not around! 
So... I thought I can have some peace! Lord, they speak so loud everyday,my ear hurts.

Especially my master's sister Carina, woof!
Well, although she's pretty and she feed me and walk me, but nah... she's too annoying to be my girlfriend. 

Nothing much I just want to update you guys about what I am dealing lately. You know, we dogs have a lot in mind.
So, I am sort of having some illness lately, I scratch too much and my lady boss Carina can't seem to take it. Guess she though that I hoo-hah-ed around too much and had STDs. That's pretty stupid of her, we male are born to reproduce, somehow I think I quite handsome and my sexy dog genes should not be extinct. What's wrong with fucking around? 

Ops. Guess I ran off a little bit to far. 
So my dear lady boss Carina brought me to the veterinary hospital. 
What? You think it sounds atas? Woof!! She's so cheap that she bring me to the government veterinary hospital, it only cost her RM48 after all, with all the shampoo, vitamin and injection.

 I am caged that day, and it was the first day I'm out of the house, I feel so insecure and I whine a bit.

This is the latest instagram self-portrait picture, must see side and act like emo abit. Geng mah me? 

At first, she gives me apple and lure me up to the car, damn, of course I'm not stupid, I will ... never .... eat her apples! Woof! Ommm yum yummm, apples are my favorite but NO. 
She is so angry and she carry me up to the car. Woof! I am after all the man okay, nobody can forced me to do what I don't want! I PEED in her woofing car! woof woof woof woof! WOOFF!!! But she cover with clothes and newspaper. *whine* so smart of her :( *sad dog face*

The government veterinary all full of cats. I hate it, i hate it, i hate it!!!
People in there looking at me like I'm a walking pig. 
(exhale) nope, I never had pork today. What's wrong with them?

They all look like a weird looking mushroom, so many colors.....
Woof woof! ya. I was quite nervous, cause I don't like mushrooms. And they are so size
And they are walking....

My masters are coming back soon. 
I will update when they are all out again! Woof! 

Signing off.

A lot of people actually don't look good on me and my bf at first.
And this is because of he looks like a player, not after he starts to open his mouth (LOL honey don't kill me), another one is our age gap and third is language barrier. 

All of these above I've actually thought of it before I ask "are you sure?" but the language barrier is the hardest I have to say. Hardest as in... man, I still can't accept the fact that a Chinese who cannot speak at their own language? Okay, hate me hate me for being stereotype.
Maybe it's not that hard to acceptable?

But my bf cannot speak any other language than English. 
Alot of times, we are stuck into something or some words cause I will try to make him understand and he will try to understand me. End up both of us are like caveman and red indian sometimes: 

Once, I held a poolside barbeque party at his place. 
And then only we realize starting a fire is not a knack for either of us.
At that very moment I blame myself being dumb for buying the wrong charcoal.

I tried to start the fire by burning the charcoal using gas fire ( which is happened to be effective but I read somewhere that using gas fire to burn charcoal will emits poisonous gas ) but the charcoal just don't seem to light up a bit. duhhhh

Me: "dearrrrr.... the charcoal just don't seem to....ermmmm. ernn........ piakpiakpiakPiak (with gestures somemore) "
Man: "huh?"
Me: (gestures DRAMATIC ttm)
Man: "Sparkles? Sparkles lah dear!!"
ME: "oh yeah....sparkles!"

Well... this is how a banana talk goes. Both of us died and the party was delayed for 1 and a half hour.

Well, we did not die eating the raw burgers and chicken wings.
All thanks to Cooper for starting the fire.

Happy ending!

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