Banana Language

A lot of people actually don't look good on me and my bf at first.
And this is because of he looks like a player, not after he starts to open his mouth (LOL honey don't kill me), another one is our age gap and third is language barrier. 

All of these above I've actually thought of it before I ask "are you sure?" but the language barrier is the hardest I have to say. Hardest as in... man, I still can't accept the fact that a Chinese who cannot speak at their own language? Okay, hate me hate me for being stereotype.
Maybe it's not that hard to acceptable?

But my bf cannot speak any other language than English. 
Alot of times, we are stuck into something or some words cause I will try to make him understand and he will try to understand me. End up both of us are like caveman and red indian sometimes: 

Once, I held a poolside barbeque party at his place. 
And then only we realize starting a fire is not a knack for either of us.
At that very moment I blame myself being dumb for buying the wrong charcoal.

I tried to start the fire by burning the charcoal using gas fire ( which is happened to be effective but I read somewhere that using gas fire to burn charcoal will emits poisonous gas ) but the charcoal just don't seem to light up a bit. duhhhh

Me: "dearrrrr.... the charcoal just don't seem to....ermmmm. ernn........ piakpiakpiakPiak (with gestures somemore) "
Man: "huh?"
Me: (gestures DRAMATIC ttm)
Man: "Sparkles? Sparkles lah dear!!"
ME: "oh yeah....sparkles!"

Well... this is how a banana talk goes. Both of us died and the party was delayed for 1 and a half hour.

Well, we did not die eating the raw burgers and chicken wings.
All thanks to Cooper for starting the fire.

Happy ending!

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