Benn Benn Blogging His Day

Hello my name is Benn Benn.

I look very exotic right? Actually I am a mix dog, pretty cool huh?
A mix of vegetable and dog. (cantonese) fine if you don't get it no big deal. 

Today everyone is out of the house, even the maid is not around! 
So... I thought I can have some peace! Lord, they speak so loud everyday,my ear hurts.

Especially my master's sister Carina, woof!
Well, although she's pretty and she feed me and walk me, but nah... she's too annoying to be my girlfriend. 

Nothing much I just want to update you guys about what I am dealing lately. You know, we dogs have a lot in mind.
So, I am sort of having some illness lately, I scratch too much and my lady boss Carina can't seem to take it. Guess she though that I hoo-hah-ed around too much and had STDs. That's pretty stupid of her, we male are born to reproduce, somehow I think I quite handsome and my sexy dog genes should not be extinct. What's wrong with fucking around? 

Ops. Guess I ran off a little bit to far. 
So my dear lady boss Carina brought me to the veterinary hospital. 
What? You think it sounds atas? Woof!! She's so cheap that she bring me to the government veterinary hospital, it only cost her RM48 after all, with all the shampoo, vitamin and injection.

 I am caged that day, and it was the first day I'm out of the house, I feel so insecure and I whine a bit.

This is the latest instagram self-portrait picture, must see side and act like emo abit. Geng mah me? 

At first, she gives me apple and lure me up to the car, damn, of course I'm not stupid, I will ... never .... eat her apples! Woof! Ommm yum yummm, apples are my favorite but NO. 
She is so angry and she carry me up to the car. Woof! I am after all the man okay, nobody can forced me to do what I don't want! I PEED in her woofing car! woof woof woof woof! WOOFF!!! But she cover with clothes and newspaper. *whine* so smart of her :( *sad dog face*

The government veterinary all full of cats. I hate it, i hate it, i hate it!!!
People in there looking at me like I'm a walking pig. 
(exhale) nope, I never had pork today. What's wrong with them?

They all look like a weird looking mushroom, so many colors.....
Woof woof! ya. I was quite nervous, cause I don't like mushrooms. And they are so size
And they are walking....

My masters are coming back soon. 
I will update when they are all out again! Woof! 

Signing off.

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