There is so many products currently in the market. But what is a good product? Which one suits you?


We all facing our electronic gadgets everyday, and often forget about drinking enough fluid. And for our skin, they need to be hydrate as well! Don't be so dry! (inside joke) For me, I really think that skin need to be hydrate, and that's what I concern the most on skincare! 

Honestly, I am a very lazy person. Following steps by steps, cleansing and toner and .... Seriously, I give up. TOO TEDIOUS! 

But, I still want to look beautiful, I want to be the first lazy beauty. 
And this is my FAVORITE Laneige product! Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX!


Some says, smile is the best make up, smile is making you look prettier etc.  
But I don't think smile look good on dry skin. When your skin is dry, you are much more easier to get peeled and cracked skin! And dry skin will get wrinkles easier as well compared to oily skin.

And sleeping pack is my savior! All of those days I thought that this is one of the wonderful God's gifts to all the lazy people out there!!! 
Every time I thought of it I want to cry, sob. Thanks JesusAllahGuanYinMa. :')

Every night after I clean my face, I just put on Laneige's water sleeping pack on my face. Well, we sleep for like 8 hours a day, some like sleep more than that, I do not want my sleeping time got wasted. (Ikr, weird mindset)

Sleeping pack recharges hydration while sleeping. Wake up looking hotter everyday. SO HAPPY!

And I found this brand through words of mouth, friends around me are all using it! Guess Korea brand really do have their secret in it, especially comes to skin care and make ups. 

Reason I using Laneige is it really works on my face. My face become more hydrate and radiant after using it. Most probably it's because it's an Asian product, that's why it suits me because some of the western products formula don't really work on Asians as we have different climate and different type of skin. Omg! so much to learn! 

Anyway, this is a lazy blogger sharing her lazy skin care. 
Some people like K-pop artist, some people like Korean songs, some people like plastic surgery, I  like Korean skin care!

Let me show you my before and after. 
This is me before use Laneige, that one is my 哥~

This is after using Laneige. Some says I look like Song Hye Kyo now. *shy*

OKAY, don't slap me please! 
Have a good laugh and good night!

Signing off.

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  1. LOL! That's freaking funny weih.... but u really looks like Song Hye Kyo la... not! :P

    1. I'm gonna delete your comment! I am offended! haha!

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