Cafe business are sprouting like mushrooms in Malaysia, same goes to the desserts shop.
This is best explain to the penchant of Malaysian on sweet food and bubbly character. We often hangs in the mamak shop for hours, just to keep our friends in touch.

I am always on searching for good cafes which serves good desserts BUT just so sick and tired with the busy city and crowd-y cafes. To my surprise, this place is really a place which serves cute pretty dessert, and at a bargain.


Gathers Cafe which located aligned with the Dominos Pizza. For some reason, the design and the colors of the sign board is just pretty easy to missed, however, look closely to the Domino and you'll find yourself on the right track.
gathers cafe

How about a cup of Mocha you people? 

Desserts always give us happy vibes, especially the presentations. After all everyone judge the desserts by it's cover! Mocha with crafted bear. Best Mocha I had.
gathers cafe

I guess I will call this cafe the RULESCAFE. It's simply because they are so personality plus. Look at the rules they set for the cafe, it's longer than the National Library. 
gathers cafe

However, this is probably the reason that the cafe buzzed with some special vibes and energy and was comfortably full with seemingly satisfied patrons.

gathers cafe

 Food ordered: Banana Waffle. With full of yummylicious banana and crunchy waffle.
gathers cafe

 This is a MUST. How can you resist the cutest dessert on earth? The bear ice-cream. Serve with Marshmallow and also caramels. The sweetness is just right but however, if you find it too sweet, you can always clear your palate with the served lemon juice with water.
gathers cafe

Teddy say hi.
gathers cafe

gathers cafe

gathers cafe

 They also serve crepe cake but I do not have extra rooms for more.
gathers cafe

You can also get one and read while chilling with the coffee that's served.
gathers cafe

Have fun on a Saturday! 

地址155, Ground Floor, Jalan Raja Uda, Pusat Perniagaan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Malaysia
营业时间:12:30pm - 11:00pm (星期三休息)
联络号码: 04-324 9657
FACEBOOK: Gathers Cafe

For blogger review on this cafe, check out or Gathers Cafe Facebook for more.

Italian food is really something that I can go crazy for. Speaking about cheap, I just like the way they give away free bread, heehee. (Yes I am cheap like that. haha)

italian bread

While Italian food is flooding all over the city like Kuala Lumpur, but most of them are either expensive or I did not explored it. And Leon loves Italian food I suppose. He brought me to some Italianese cuisine before but I think this restaurant worth a blog post.

 They are furnished with cute furniture. Warm color paint to create cosy ambiance.

iCook Itallian

iCook Itallian

And what impressed me is, they serve this one:
Fanta and Coke in glass bottle

My nostalgia over these bottles drinks is cured. 
They have varieties on food and the pricing are simply affordable. 
Probably you'll have to pay for 30% more for the same portion at somewhere else. 
iCook Itallian menu

 Kitchen hygiene: checked!
iCook Itallian

Food presentation are pretty unique as well.
My Calamari served on chopping board:
iCook Itallian calamari

They seem to be quite generous on portion as I can't finish my food. L

Here is what I ordered: 
iCook Itallian

This is what Leon ordered:
iCook Itallian

There are also pretty homemade cakes for sale.
iCook Itallian

Some freshly baked assorted bread.
iCook Itallian

Cheese and also eggs.
iCook Itallian

If you fond on wine tasting ,I see they have some on shelf.
iCook Itallian

Olive oils and seasoning.
iCook Itallian

iCook Itallian

And they also brew fresh coffee. Looks like they have covered almost everything. :O
iCook Itallian

Ice-cream are available as well, outside on a ice-cream car. heehee.
iCook Itallian

Good news to students is they have the "eat all you can" on every Tuesday and also Thursday for only RM10.
iCook Itallian
So ridiculous! I haven't give it a try.
If you've tried it, let me know how is it on the comment box below!

P/s: On 7th of Septemeber 2013, they are holding a complimentary "Taste of Italy" which means FREE FOOD.
Yay! From 11.30am to 2pm for students.

Block B-06-01, 3 Two Square, Jalan 19/1, Petaling Jaya
03-7960 1691

signing off.

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