Genting Highland has been renowned for the theme park and also the casino worldwide.

Was cordially invited to witness their launch on the 20th Century Fox World theme park. Note: NOT UNIVERSAL STUDIO.

It's the first 20th Century Fox World theme park in the world, how crazy it that?!Our prime minister launches RM5 billion Genting Integrated Tourism Plan and this is a 10 year master plan on refurbish, expansion and yadda yadda.

Very impressive yet boring long speeches I have attended for almost an hour plus.

Until they launches do this and this mark to an end.

Of course we are well fed before.

And very handsome leafman dance for us.

 Ok la, better admit that I was abit kiasu, thought of going up there to have some lucky bet and also have some cold air.

Done my little report about the press interview.


I’m going to do a giveaway session in this blog, all you need is to listen to my story.


First, I am a very hairy person.

Second, I am very lazy, believe me, they are somehow have something to do with each another.

Every time when comes to clearing my unwanted hairs, my heart dies a little. I have to admit that I’ve giving it up after I got a bf. Ah yes, my leg are unshaved for almost a year and I think my dick is growing. Ok, I am kidding, I already have one anyway.


And before this I do shaving yes, but I wonder if it’s me or everyone, I think that shaving make my hair grow even more thicker, and my hair grow super efficiently wonderfully fast and PRICKLY, so I quit it not until I found VEET wax strips. I went to waxing before, I liked it, but it’s a bit costly to me to visits that often and go back to FIRST, I am lazy, remember?


I got a bunch of goodies from Veet earlier, and I am thrilled because I have all the wax strips for free, here is something that I wish to share with you all:

1.       VEET Normal Skin Removal Cream

2.       VEET In Shower Removal Cream


I’m so nice all you need to do is:
  1. Follow me in this blog. 
  2. Comment below why you deserve this. 


ONE lucky candidate with the correct answer will walk away the giveaway! Good luck!

*Winner will be noticed through email, please attach your email address with your comment.
*Contest ends in 14th of January 12 o'clock afternoon.

Okay la ciao.



Stay hairy


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