Veet Hair Free Giveaway!


I’m going to do a giveaway session in this blog, all you need is to listen to my story.


First, I am a very hairy person.

Second, I am very lazy, believe me, they are somehow have something to do with each another.

Every time when comes to clearing my unwanted hairs, my heart dies a little. I have to admit that I’ve giving it up after I got a bf. Ah yes, my leg are unshaved for almost a year and I think my dick is growing. Ok, I am kidding, I already have one anyway.


And before this I do shaving yes, but I wonder if it’s me or everyone, I think that shaving make my hair grow even more thicker, and my hair grow super efficiently wonderfully fast and PRICKLY, so I quit it not until I found VEET wax strips. I went to waxing before, I liked it, but it’s a bit costly to me to visits that often and go back to FIRST, I am lazy, remember?


I got a bunch of goodies from Veet earlier, and I am thrilled because I have all the wax strips for free, here is something that I wish to share with you all:

1.       VEET Normal Skin Removal Cream

2.       VEET In Shower Removal Cream


I’m so nice all you need to do is:
  1. Follow me in this blog. 
  2. Comment below why you deserve this. 


ONE lucky candidate with the correct answer will walk away the giveaway! Good luck!

*Winner will be noticed through email, please attach your email address with your comment.
*Contest ends in 14th of January 12 o'clock afternoon.

Okay la ciao.



Stay hairy



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  1. I ought to have this amazing product for one simple reason : I am hairy !! I have hairy legs which can compete with a wild bear !! Haha.. Now pls let me win this ..

  2. Thanks for your giveaway!! I understand your problem.. I go through it too.. hairy and lazy.. :p I love the smell of veet. It smells like flowers, so feminine and graceful and does not smell like chemicals..the scrub is also excellent for dead cell removal..! I would love to win this has everything I I want! Good luck! Hope your giveaway is a success!

  3. I deserve to win because I am tired of shaving. Hope to win this to try

  4. I deserve to win this because i am also a hairy one and it is annoying that i have to remove them for polite i don't want to look like a hairy monster hope i win this so it can save me and become pretty skin.

  5. Thank you for joining guys. The giveaway is close! ;) selescted winner is imformed through email. Check your mailbox!

  6. Thanks Carina, I have blogged winning here

    as hair still not grow out no try yet :D

  7. seriously? you need to be famous NOWWWWW. you're soooo funny! omg.


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