I've never felt myself that famous not after I got my braces. Even people that used to not really talked to me talk to me.

Wow, friends, you know.

Anyway, I am actually pretty sick of answering them but I don't want the title of "Ms not so nice". If anyone of you are directed to this page, please, do not ask me any questions longer than Justin Bieber's dick! 

Q: Why do you getting braces? 
A: Well, this is the question I got the MOST. I mean, I get them because I have crowding teeth? What's a better answer?

Q: I mean, WHY LAH since your teeth are quite straight liao mah.
A: Oh. I really never know that you noticed my mouth so much, I must be having a very seductive ones. Hmm. I guess everyone have their own insecurity. I bottom teeth are actually mild crowded, and also my top teeth are a little bit buck (starting to form). I want a perfect straight teeth, PERFECT. 

Q: How much ah? 
A: All together 6k more or less.

Q: Where did you did it? 
A: I couldn't tell you now as so far I wasn't sure if it is worth to be recommend, yet. 

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Er.. Very depends on the teeth condition, I was told that the more crowded your teeth, the more pain it is. And I classify this as stupid question as the answer is very obvious, but if you want an answer from me "just for confirmation", I will tell you this is no picnic, so effing pain okay.

Q: What color is your braces?
A: So far it's 3 months already and I've change from turquoise color to dark purple and now transparent. There are quite a few of color available ^^ And that's the only reason I am longing for braces and hate it less. At least you have a surprise every month.

Q: What is the thing you get the most from people after you got your braces?
A: Your braces will stuck the pubes. -_____- (Stop giving me that thanks)

Q: What is the thing you hate the most after getting braces?
A: Apparently not just that you look a bit awkward, but it's that I am a foodie, eating process become very inconvenient and cleaning process is tedious as the food tend to stuck there.

Sometimes I can walk around with food stuck in my braces. Snack for later :) .

It's now a place where I stores my food!

Signing off!

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