Let me put you on a quick test! 

Which one will you go? Gel eyeliner or liquid eye liner? 

I am proud enough to review you something not in the market YET and I've put in test for weeks. I'm giving 9/10 marks for the creative and innovation, as for a gel-liner user must know, bringing gel liner out for some occasion with a small size bag is almost impossible, as you can spread them with fingers but only brush. And bringing brush and gel liner together can be a lot hassle. Chances are, your brush either went missing or the brush might have stained your bag.  #truestorybro

-The Lash-hugging Gel Liner PEN.
Yes, you heard me right. Is a Gel-liner-PEN.
benefit they're real push up liner

So I've put this they're Real! push-up liner or Lash-hugging Gel Liner Pen, (so many names huh ) into a few test.

This is my model (ahhemm, me) before make up.
benefit they're real push up liner

This is the they're Real! push-up liner.
benefit they're real push up liner packaging

In case you're wondering - they're real! push-up liner's AccuFlex™ tip is what makes it BEYOND EASY to hug the lashline because it's flexible yet sharp, making the whole lining process comfortable, smooth yet precise. 

benefit they're real push up liner Accuflex tip

After you twist the twisting base for 1/2 times ( when it's new it takes more) and some gel will delivered to the Accuflex tip.
benefit they're real push up liner Accuflex tip

My face before.
benefit they're real push up liner

 My face after.
benefit they're real push up liner

This picture shown the eye make up done by my favourite liquid eye-liner on the left and  they're Real! push-up liner on the right.
Gel liner is easier to colour and it's darker.
benefit they're real push up liner

Even though the they're Real! push up liner is waterproof, but they are still not smudge proof. Look at my under eye make up after 7/8 hours. (just sits in aircond room and a bit walk).
Due to my oily skin, I can't wear my normal gel liner to rave party or some occasion that will make me sweats. However, 70% of  they're Real! push up liner is still visible where my liquid eye-liner already worn out 70%.
benefit they're real push up liner

The cleaning part: Only one wipe to clean away my liquid eye liner, however after 4 wipes they're Real! push up liner is still there, Just a bit flaky. 
Most of it is because it is waterproof, so water-based remover is inadequate, oil remover is solution!
benefit they're real push up liner

they're Real! push up liner/ lash-hugging gel liner pen

Waterproof: 8/10
Smudgeproof: 7/10
Smooth: 9/10
Precision: 7/10
Lasting: 8/10
Pigmented: 10/10
Compact/Convenience: 9/10

1.Initially applied will cause the result looks flaky.
2. Almost unable to remove with water-based remover. (also can be pro as it's waterproof)

Overall: 8.3/10

This gel liner only will launch tomorrow at Alamanda! Go check them out, freebies giveaway for the first 3 early birds!
benefit they're real push up liner contest

Check out Benefit's Facebook page for more information! Click here.
Or join their contest here!

Don't say I bojio!

Signing off.

Sam Tsui and Hugo Kurt needs no introduction to those who are familiar with the Youtubers. Livescape Asia, serves as a bridge to connect the fans and also the awesome people and generous enough to bring in some bloggers this time to witness the show.

Guess who is the lucky girl that got invited to Sam & Kurt concert live in Kuala Lumpur? Definitely not any others but yours truly.

The host of the night is no other guy than JinnyBoy the sort-of-grand-father of the local famous Youtuber.
Jinnyboy in SAM&KURT KL

Jinnyboy engaging with the Sam&Kurt fans on stage.
Jinnyboy in SAM&KURT KL

 The little surprise for me from Elizabeth Tan, her singing is WOW. Can go check out her youtube channel here. She looks so deary and lovely in person.

The crowd on that night is insane. Lucky me standing in front of the stage!

After all the waiting, Sam comes in with full of enthusiastic and passion. He sure is a hyper baby as it's almost impossible for me to take some nice pictures of him!



And my KurtKurt<3

Some lucky fans got their hand shook.

When I took pictures of Kurt and Sam's crotch decided to join. wtflol.

Ahmegerd Kurt give me a :P face.




More Sam Tsui: Sam_Tsui_and_Kurt_Hugo_in_KL



For a gal who fan nothing to Sam Tsui, seriously, yet I can't hold his charm like that. When Sam sings with the piano, he look like a singing to a love from far far away with the lights on him.

Psst. Actually on that night who stole my heart away is no other guy than the drummer. Look like Chris Hemsworth cheh! :P


And his name is Joel Manduke. Woots.

What a wonderful #Saturday experience!
Good night!

If you've heard enough about the Tiger Translate and still wondering what is it all about, well, it's actually an artsy-fancy event with an exciting combination of both my love, art and music in one event. 
I went to the event last Saturday at Kenanga City in Kuala Lumpur and by no further delay, presenting you my day: 
in pictures....

With my Tiger Raddler. 

With Pui Yeng. 

I'm so talented okay.

 At last the Editors is out.

The crowd of the day.

Tipsy me.

This event features live performances by English alternative band Editors, indie rock outfit Chochukmo and Manic Sheep. Local musician like OJ Law will be rocking the party as well. Bringing creative Artists from the East and West together, grafitti artiste like Kenji Chai and Lynda Chean the tatooist will be there as well as the designer Tsu Ann and Jayme from Kickatomic are all there for a live art project.
The platform aims to celebrate global creativity through the exposure of various cultures and experiences.

Experience the boundless possibilities of creativity and discover work that entertains, engages and inspires you.

For more information and pictures can go to:
https://www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY http://instagram.com/tigerbeermy
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