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If you've heard enough about the Tiger Translate and still wondering what is it all about, well, it's actually an artsy-fancy event with an exciting combination of both my love, art and music in one event. 
I went to the event last Saturday at Kenanga City in Kuala Lumpur and by no further delay, presenting you my day: 
in pictures....

With my Tiger Raddler. 

With Pui Yeng. 

I'm so talented okay.

 At last the Editors is out.

The crowd of the day.

Tipsy me.

This event features live performances by English alternative band Editors, indie rock outfit Chochukmo and Manic Sheep. Local musician like OJ Law will be rocking the party as well. Bringing creative Artists from the East and West together, grafitti artiste like Kenji Chai and Lynda Chean the tatooist will be there as well as the designer Tsu Ann and Jayme from Kickatomic are all there for a live art project.
The platform aims to celebrate global creativity through the exposure of various cultures and experiences.

Experience the boundless possibilities of creativity and discover work that entertains, engages and inspires you.

For more information and pictures can go to:
https://www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY http://instagram.com/tigerbeermy

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