8 things interns need to know to survive in the work place.

Internship can be important, but what to learn is no longer something to that can be obtain from book. And then somebody gave me some good advice.

1.  Don't be too honest.

That doesn't mean lie, but if someone asks you how do you really feel about their beautiful looking dog.  If it's fugly, don't say its fugly, if it's not going to change their mind since they've already predestined your comment for "beautiful." Just say it looks so pretty!

2. Find something to do!

If you have nothing to do, go read a book, research a topic.  Do something that you think will be helpful to the company.  Of course, make yourself known to the powers at be that you are doing something.

3. If you are going to be late, you need to explain yourself.  

When giving excuses, no one wants to hear long winded stories about how you got a flat tire and called every tow truck company and paid bloody expensive towing charges.  Just keep it simple "I got a flat tire and need to fix it."

4. Always make your accolades known, especially if it sounds easy.

If the task sounds difficult but is easy, no need to make your accolades known as its obvious, just let people know you've finished it fast, which ties in to the next point.

5. If you are spending time doing something which sounds trivial but is not an easy task, make sure people know the process you are going through.  Share your challenges and complaints about your shitty task with the world!

6. Coffee is intern's only BFF <3

If you can drink coffee in the morning, drink it. Because no coffee is going to make you lethargic as a slug.

7. Shut up and listen!

When people ask you for your idea. Shut up and listen! Just bite your tongue on that! Maybe give it, but if they are telling you their idea is such a good one then asking for help, sorry, they don't really want your idea,  they just want someone to tell them their idea is good!

8. When people ask you for any feedback after getting a scolding, don't say much except  "Yes sir, thank you very much, can I have another (scolding)?"  

Because whatever you say is not really going to change their mind. Explanations are going to kill expectations.

And if you think I am wrong to this point, comment below and let me know what do you think.
But please remember advice 7. :)

Signing off.

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  1. Point 7.. Listen, analyse and agree on his/her.. However, when agree, do provide methods to IMPROVE HIS/HER IDEAS.

  2. hey i agree with you! hahahaha


  3. thanks for sharing the point, guess it is true that don't be too honest loh~

  4. Haha.. being an intern is fun.. and at the same time, there's lots to pick up and learn from the team you're working with.. always keep searching for more insights, and don't be too naive! :D


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