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I must confess, I have a lot of friends, but for the ones that close to heart, that's another story. Anyway, if you're lucky enough *ahhem to be one of my best friend, or you are a good friend quality, maybe I will tag you along to really cool parties, hehe, one like the BFF Makeup Party last Sunday!

I was invited to attend the BCL BFF Makeup Party. Tagged along with one of my BFF Mae, I must say it was a splendid journey. The party outcome was unexpected, unexpectedly good. 
I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about the BCL company at first,  as I've never heard of it!

How much the invitation icon look like the California "B" brand? Very much, at least to me.

So I did some research and realized BCL actually stands for Beauty Creative Lab. The company's brand image is that they really take make up seriously, which is a  good thing, because who wants to kid around with something that goes on the face?

Looking at the packaging, it beams "scientifically proven good" to me.

Of the four looks last year that they show,  they brought us 2 new looks this year. 
Which one do you fancy? 
Supernatural look on left (dramatic) or cool look (innocent daily look) on the right? 
left side of the face is the supernatural and the right is the cool look 
the right side with the fake eye bags appears cuter.  

Hiroki-san updated us that the latest trend includes applying the fake eye bags to make the eyes appear bigger and cuter - the innocent look. *ahhem . Seriously just count me off. 

BCL branched out with a lot of different brands and categories. Makemania Data eye makeup range is definitely my favorite one of them all.
Please tell me we are pretty without #makeup
Such a fantastic experience learning makeup techniques from the Jap make up artist Hiroki-san all the way from Japan!  Not to mention he's hot. *wink wink
Other than make up products, I also love Japanese ok.*slurp. 
Here is Hiroki-san and me. He got nice nose... xixi 

This is the Makemania Data range I mentioned earlier. This "magic pen" is my favorite among the all, it's the easiest eye shadow pen ever, EVER.

What is your favourite? 

Hiroki-san trying out for my noob BFF. 

At the end of the event of course, all of us walk away with awesome goodies. 
Even the BCL company's worker are super Japanese ArigatoOyasumiHamasakiAshiteruOhayo! Kawaii max!

And I feel so loved that they even brought us Donutes cake with cute macaroon on top. 
Ok, I'm #sold. 
A picture with the BCL beauty bloggers that day.
Thanks Mandom,

...and of course my BFF for attending, btw I like your brows babe.
Thank you BCL for generous enough to let all the bloggers brought back some of these lovely gifts.
I will personally review these products on my upcoming post (some products are not launched yet!) 
If you want your hands on one of these babies, do stay tuned to ;)

For more information, contact: 

xxSigning off.  

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