D Football Festival

After a frantic and exciting match, *phew!* Germany has at last won the final match with a close 1:0 versus Argentina. I secretly hoped that it’s a draw so that I can witness another penalty match! L
Anyway I had a lot of fun with D Football Festival held at the One Utama! And the organizer transformed the space into a happening party and football ground! 

How much of you have zero idea about what is DFootball Festival?
Let’s run through the pictures of the launch of DFootball Festival once before the party itself. 

Hello hello, DFootball Festival is proudly launch yo yo! 
Dfootball Festival

Rapper and as well as the Emcee on the launch as well as DFootball Festival night - HunnyMadu.  
Dfootball Festival

 Some really enthusiastic exotic dancers, hooh! I am feeling a little bit like Brazil over here.
exotic dancers

And thank you Fearless for hyping up the whole launching party!
Dfootball Festival_Fearless_Dancing_Crew

Of course, what makes an event without cool prizes? 
The grand prizes for Dfootball Festival is the Mini Cooper Country! 
Dfootball Festival_Mini cooper

Somewhat I think I sort of blend in here..... 
hehe. Hi, I am Fearful....
Dfootball Festival_Fearless_Dancing_crew

With Angeline. 

And Yo Hunny Madu. 

On that day itself, I went to the party with my love. 
I am supporting Wolf88,*LOL*

It's so happening and we play some of the games, no picture cause they are all ugly. 

And we've got some vouchers to get free beer or soft drinks. Hehe hi love<3

It's a once in four years-sized crowd.

Baby Cooper on stage.

And when I thought there would be nobody that could successfully guess the number of balls in the car, and Kumaar won it. *sour*  wtfwtfwtftwtftwfhtf

Met Yeeing

And the usual girls selfie. 3 Germany VS 1 Argentina. Believe me, they all are just going for Germany for the hot guys ;).... don't cry for me Argentina.....

A really big applause to Trademark for organizing a wonderful event, and also Adidas and DoubleMint for sponsoring. It was a blast!

This year's World Cup is full of surprises and also a lot of unexpected results. With years of perseverance, Germany has at last won the WORLD CUP *tears* Such a long road. I hope there are more handsome footballer next year and actually I don't really care about the match, I just want see more hunks running and sweating. MORE!


Another 4 years of anticipation!

Signing off.

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