Surprise surprise! What a lucky day when I received a bagful of goodies from Sailor Jerry with a pair of VIP invitation to the MTV World Stage 2014. Thank you Sailor Jerry, but I love it even more the fact that one of the goodies, is their Sailor Jerry Rum!

As a mini fan of Ed Hardy, Sailor Jerry is definitely love at first sight. Other than the really bold and strong printings, what makes me love Sailor Jerry even more is their straight-up, no nonsense, old-school spiced rum.  Smooth and strong, just like the crafts they produce.

On MTV World Stage 2014 itself, me and fellow bloggers enjoyed ourselves very much with Sailor Jerry. With a blast of music and a few cups of the Sailor Jerry with ginger ale (it’s call the Jerry ale, my fav), the party animal inside me is kicking! We had so much fun! 

Running in to the special VIP zone. #onlyforSailorJerryVIP!

Some of the Sailor Jerry merchandises to be won: 

 On that day, not just the Super Bike was displayed for us to take pictures, but also...

the antique looking car! #hipstergile 

Here is a picture of the alcoholic-looking me and Fish.  

Another cup of ginger-ale please. 

How sexy... is my drink. 

I'm always happy to bump into Donovon. And hiee *wave handS* to the pretty Amanda.

Some serious job going on here. 

The party will not be completed without some party goerrs. Spot me on the right!

The after party at Soju is also another point worth highlighting:
Here is Joanna and Bendan:

The after-party-partner <3  

Ok. Signing off

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