This is #Free

As promised, this is a giveaway post.
But first, let me crap a bit first.

There are shit loads of things in life that are free.

This is #free
 Water is free(or maybe not, but you don't pay for rain), but that IKEA cup have to pay tho.

This is also #free
Free from me ok. I name it #theonehair

And this one also also #FREE
It's the Volume Up Fiber Mascara from BCL.
(Intro of BCL products and review click HERE)

Not enough!
This one #Free also!
Coal liner stays 24Hours from BCL as well.

I also want to giveaway these.
It does not suits my skin, any takers? *wink
5 Pieces of Kose Masks!

I have so much make up products and body hair,  that I can't wait to give them all away!

If you want to join this giveaway, simply follow these steps:
1. Follow this blog! (PLEASE, look at that pathetic number. Can't believe I am begging for followers LOL) 
2. Like this blog's Facebook Page.
3. Comment below answering this simple question: what is the best #free to you? And which giveaway you want to take home for #free! :D 

P/s: Remember attach your Facebook name/link as well as blog url so I can trace you!
P.p/s: This giveaway is strictly for Malaysian only, and I don't bear any cost shipping to any other country than Malaysia.

I will post the winners name at on 11/10/2014 at  my blog's Facebook page. Don't forget to like my Facebook page! *bow90degree

Thank you in advance for joining this giveaway!
Good luck!

signing off.

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  1. the best #free to me is the #free giveaway you're going to give me! HAHA xD bagi I syok sendiri sikit :P
    Can I have both the Volume Up Fiber Mascara and Coal liner from BCL?? :D


    1. Kathryn See is whoooo ahh. hahaha You have a blog babe?

  2. Hi Carina! great giveaway...donno how to use any of I give way to others. visiting you to increase you traffic hahaha...visit me too ya!

    1. Thank you Cindyrina, it's very kind of you. :)

  3. my best free neccessary is air
    i have them since i alive

    facebook:eriol loh

  4. can i have the mascara for free

  5. the best gift I have so far is all the blessing I receive from family and friends!!! nothing can beat the blessing as these are the things that make my life a meaningful ones!!! and yes do bless me so I can win this giveaway too ya!

  6. best free to me is being freelance blogger, doing things I love. Saw you in NNRaya and few premiered movies :D hehe..
    love giveaway, wanna give a shot, :D love freebie too :D

    1. Thank you for noticing me. :) well, good luck! :D


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