Mayfair Bodyline has been in the slimming, beauty and spa industry and it's designed to be a one-stop center, their services come with advance technologies and comfortable ambiance environment. 

Earlier, I went to their branch in Pavillion to try their services, to my surprise, they are having their on-going promotion (RM29 for 5 treatments of your choice). 

As usual, they will check out your skin conditions and have a short interview to get to know your daily habits and of course, some advice will be given to enhance their product. 

Customized treatment will be provided on the spot during the treatment session. 

One thing I totally love about Mayfair is their customized facial. 
I even inquire for treatment in future, and the student price is pretty tempting, quite reasonable I must say.

Treatment that I had on my face:

1.Perfect Skin (Using IST Machine)
My Skin Type : Dry Skin, Dehydrated, Stressed, Sensitive and Slightly Wrinkled.

Ingredient and Actions
1.Impereta Cyclindrica
   It is a plant native to Asia nad Australia and from which the oil in its roots is the part used it increase the skin moisture a 20% after 24 hours of use.
2.Wheat Proteins
   Proteins are the main component of cells and are necessary for the growth, repair and continuos tissue renewal.
   Is rich in Vitamins E,F and B group, properties to moisture and nourish.

2. NL909 ION STATIC (Facial) (IST Machine)
 The Ultimate Body Cell Rejuvenation
NL 909 Ion Static is effective use High Frequency Vibration Wave technology which combines 10 beneficial within one single treatment. Formulated by our cutting edge slimming & beauty expert, this revolutionary machine is utmost on internal healing, where charges from the energy health instrument flow through the entire body and effectively in slimming, beauty and promote energy health. Guaranteed no any side effect.

I am actually quite reluctant to show you my fat ass, But apparently I must do this so it can motivate me to work harder in losing it, Look at that cellulite, #fainted. 

Treatment that I had on my fat-fat leg:
  1. Slim Master
Intensive ultra-sound that creates and generates micro-bubbles which hits the surface of fat cells to emulsify them. Then it is absorbed by the lymphatic system and drainage system to be eliminated from the body. It also stimulates the body to increase secretion of LPL enzyme which decomposes the fatty acids into energy.

  1. CLA Chili Slimming

CLA Chili Slimming is one of Mayfair’s successful treatment and being one of the first few slimming industry in Malaysia which started it. With the essence extracted from chili pepper seeds, the active elements in capsicum can be effective and rapidly stimulate the decomposition and excretion of the body fats.

  1. Heat Circulation
A heat blanket in which may aid in relieving muscle, improving blood circulation and reducing fluid retention.

Mayfair is very famous with their wrapping and sleeping in the hot blanket is quite an enjoyable experience. Excuse me, I am hibernating, ehhe

We all have heard about beauty centers, but when to come to choosing on close to heart one is definitely not an easy task. Mayfair, operated by a team of professionally-trained consultants and therapists, besides facial and body slimming treatments also bring me through a sensory journey that comes with satisfy result.

Reason to choose Mayfair as your beauty center!
1. Mayfair has the best service and will fulfill your every desire. To build your confidence and encourage you to love yourself.
2. Their on-going promotion is as low as RM29 for 5 treatments of your choice! 

Now for you who read this, I am giving away customized treatment to 10 readers, FOR FREEJust comment below why you want to win this! The most creative 5 readers can win this free customized treatment.

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For more information, check out their website:

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  1. I have never been to any slimming or spa centre in my life so far! I would love to try and experience all their awesome services! To be a princess of a day lol! Also, recently I'm having skin problem. My face is popping out lots of acnes and it's very irritating and embarrassing. Hopefully, the experts can explain to me and save me!! I want the free trial so badly! Lol..

    1. Hey Michelle, will get you posted. Can I have your email address?

  2. I wanted to win this free customized treatments because i wanted to get rid of those valcano on my face and i am always be referred as the chubby one so the warm hot blankie is the best way to kill off my stress from exam and at the same time improving my blood circulation for a better body figure. Ps: your experience with Mayfair is so tempting, I want to indulge with the luxurious treatment !!!

  3. I want to get this free customize treatment because I want to get rid the fats around my legs and tummy so badly �� the facial treatment seems attractive too as I have dehydrate face skin, and lastly because ur blog post is too tempting d lol!

  4. I wanna go cause I've never tried it before~!!! Please let me go for it at least once in my whole life~!!! ^_^


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