I am a sucker when come to online shopping.
Recently I have had three parcels sent to my boyfriend's apartment just to not let my parents know that I actually shop a little bit too much. On second thought maybe cross away "a little bit". 

But I don't really shop clothes online, online shopping still doesn't have my full trust. Reason being that I have big hips. And clothes always pass through the top, but just get stuck in the middle, cause they can never go past the hip. *cry

I have a problem buying clothes online. Buy hey, one of the Singapore's leading online shopping sites Love, Bonito has finally launch their very first retail store in Publika. So means that I can try them out before I buy!

Thank you very much to the multi-talented fashion guru in blogger field www.kinkybluefairy.net for the invitation to the launch earlier to witness the opening. 

Here is my outfit of the day after school. 
Thank you, hair,  for saving me from the bottom of my ego. *smirk 

And best part of this new line is it's a collaboration of Chessie with Love, Bonito. 
It's really first time that Cheesie collaborated with a brand and come out with a range of clothing, Chessie x Love, Bonito it is! Congratulations!

Oh hello Chessie x Love, Bonito

Of course you don't call a fashion show without the iconic fashion hot mama Amber Chia.
Loving the bright orange maxi with full bare back. Sexy and chic.

Oh hi the bluefairy in pink that day. 

 Bump into Cherrie and tryna to be cool. I think I failed.

 Fashion show on the Chessie x Love, Bonito range.

A picture requested by the photographer.

Tagged Angeline along that day and bumped into one of her friends.
I look like a hooker here idk why.

xx Love, Bonito.

That day was really an eye opener for me to see a lot of celebrities and bloggers. 
Tho they must have not know me, but one day, I shall need not to introduce myself anymore. *ahem 

Oh, if you're interested to shop from Love, Bonito, feel free to drop by their Publika retail shop! They have very pretty pieces and the Chessie x Love, Bonito range are limited! Grab them before they gone!

Some of the deets: 
Screenshot from Love, Bonito.

And signing off! 

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