When I am doing some clean up on those pictures of I never posted it up on facebook and those I've posted it a lot of times, I just found myself back to this kind of picture again, sad picture.

This is a picture taken in Bebe when Leon and I are shopping for a cocktail dress for our "do you want to be my gf dinner"

I swear to god this is not photoshopped (or I strike by Thunder ok) and look at that body back then. :(

This is a picture with my beloved cousin sister Maggie. 

Back then when both of us are so tiny and skinny. 
I don't know why I have a cat face.

And I ask my bf. 
"and why are we look like piece of shit now? that make us pile of shit :( " 
He say "cause reality is shitty, you are shit." 

"I am pretty shit, you are pretty shitty." 

Guess life's cruel. It's already end of the year. 
I am still poor. 
I am still ugly. 
I am still fat. 

It's time for 2015 year resolution again! What do you wished for?
Sound off in the comment box below!

signing off.

I have heard enough story from friends about how their boyfriend use their camera (especially to those Casio Exflims and TR owners.) and how the boyfriends playing with their camera. 

I think I come out a conclusion that my boyfriend wasn't such person too fast. 
Below is what my boyfriend do when I am struggling with my datelines. 

And he is so happy running around playing with my camera taking stupid pictures, 
I've already warned him not to touch my camera!
But looks like he is as stubborn as the shit I pooped yesterday ah,

When I decided not give a single damn anymore, this is what he do.

Are you ready ?
Topless sexy hunk is going to show you what is sexy!!!




This is a warning!
DO not play with my camera anymore!

Signing off.

Errr, Nope. This picture is not related to my content at all. But I simply think it's cool cause look at this woman from back reminds me of man. hahah. BTW do not laughcause the woman is me. 

If follower count are just vanity metrics, I guess the last Instagram purge really hit almost everyone's dignity hard, including me.

I woke up that day and my instagram followers has descended by 200 followers.

picture from google

When I saw the notice before that "You will see a decrease in your following/follower account as we are doing a clean up", I am like hell yeah, that's not burning my tail at all. But the fact is the purge has cost me a lost of 200 followers, made me curious about, who and why are these followers following me if they were not even paid/genuine?

Because spam bots chooses you

A year ago when I was so obsessed with all the instagram fashion trends and luxury bags, I followed a number of instagram clothes accounts and luxury bags selling accounts, hoping to be, ahhem,  inspired, to be less of a fashion loser. However, this act has resulted in ALOT OF accounts randomly adding me.

You are thinking I must be happy as I have an increment in my followers but NO.
as I had less engagement from my followers as usually they will not like/comment to your Instagram post. They just follow you hoping you will follow them just to check out their clothes.

And you wondered why me? Cause they just follow all the followers from that particular instagram shop/shops that  I followed.

Come back to the point on how losing followers relate to spam bots.

Recently, I have encounter an app that can gain you more attention from the followers around the world, hence, more likes from one of my blogger friends. In my curiosity, I tried (It's "Tags for Likes" ) and it really works no matter how shitty your picture is, usually a boost of 10~30 or more, depends on how interesting of your picture as well.

Basically, this app works by generating the very popular hashtags for you, saving all your troubles. All you need to do is add the hashtags to your photo and viola, there comes the likes.

And this is where the tricky part is, some spam bots, follow bots, motorboat whatever bot, they follow according to the hashtags.
Which means, the more hashtags you have, the more likely you'll followed by spam.

So don't worry, cause everybody losses followers at some point.

But nonetheless, if you're losing more than 10% of your followers, it's either you're a spam magnet or hey, #gogetalife.

Signing off

Just in case you've missed out on the little gathering with all the latest, hottest and coolest social media influencers from different communities at #OhhSoMe Fest which stand for Ohh Social Media Festival (so creative!), then you are not cool! 

Seriously, you must have missed out a lot of fun if you weren't there!
Don't be jealous, I promise I will let you know earlier next time okay!

Here is a picture of Me and JQ posing before we get sweaty and sticky! 

There are a few interesting, custom picture booths and these babies totally rocked the floor. Too cute not to take a picture! 

What else can excite me other than the reverse bungee? whoohoo. But I never tried it because I chickened out when I saw the queue, not the bungee, #sumpah

On that day the peepoh that preformed include #TMT (The Ming Thing) 
Picture credit to Jackie Loi.

Namewee's little princess Joyce Chu. 

Coming up next is DASH! 
Their latest cover on Taylor Swift "shake it off" is a cool thang. 
This is my favorite song from the main singer Darren Ashley: If I Don't Stay
It's even better in live and loving those lyrics! 

And a collaboration with Paperplane Pursuit
Picture credit to Jackie Loi.

Super cool and Jazzy Narmi. 
Picture credit to Jackie Loi.

The party is not going to be complete without Elizabeth Tan.  
Picture credit to Jackie Loi.

And the super adorable, awesome singer JayChou from YouTube David Choi. My favorite piece from him is  "Missing piece"
He is totally incredible singer.
I wonder how many broken hearts he had healed with his song.
Picture credit to Lance

Picture credit to Jackie Loi.
Last but not least is WongFu Productions.
Phil is just too cute. I forgot about my bf for that instant.
Picture credit to Jackie Loi.

 Met my uni-mates

 And a great night view with a lot of awesome music,  people are just overwhelming.

Bumped into this cute guy from Honest Mistake. Do check Leonard out!

And the cute Rawlins!

Hi Lance. :D

Many thanks Hotlink for sponsoring this event gathering all the awesome social media cool peepoh. #LIVELIFELOUD yay!

Signing Off

"NICE hair!" 

"Cool hair."


Not to sound cocky, but I get that A LOT #capslock #highlight #OMG.
There are so many people that brighten up my day, giving different compliment on my hair everyday, seriously.  However, it's a love hate relationship towards all these compliments for me as well. Guess there is no any other parts of my body worth any compliments. :( #gavein

Truthfully my head does not naturally grow purple hair. It's only purple cause I am a nice and hard-working girl. #heehehehe:) And to keep this mane constantly looking good #goodhairday, I have to be attentive on taking care on them, so today I will teach you all how to keep your mane healthy, or at least LOOK healthy!


You should not shampoo your hair that often from now on. Especially the first 3 days after you dyed your hair (if you could last it for a week that's the best). Replace your shampoo routine with dry shampoo. It really helps in keeping the color lasts.


If you still using hair conditioner, shame on you. Replace it with hair treatment cream! Let it coat your hair for 5 minutes or so and you shall see a difference.

Wash your hair with cold water, as hot water will open up the hair follicles and allow the water to wash away all the proteins and colors </3. You are also advised to use cold air to dry your hair or air dry them. Before that make sure you put lots of serum <3

You can get a curl like this just by tying them in a bun overnight. NO heat process acquired.

There are tons of products out there with tons of promising ingredients and effects but most of the time the products don't help. I spend ALOT on buying hair products and I experiment with them, but do take note that different people have different hair type and they react differently with different products. I will show you a few of my favorite ones.

  • Shisheido The Hair Care Aqua Intensive
  • Keratase Chroma RICHE ( there is different with riche and captive, do take note, they look very similar) Chroma Riche is more for sensitized hair and scalp.

  • Loreal Smooth-Intense Anti-Frizz Shampoo and treatment

The treatment cream/masque of Shisheido and Keratase are mostly unavailable in normal drugstores in Malaysia (eg. supermarket/watson/ guardians) however this Loreal one you could easily get it everywhere and it's relatively cheaper compared to the Keratase and Shiseido that I recommended, however the effect does not lasts that long imo. 


Seriously, stop listening all those bullshit about not trimming your hair. If your hair condition is really bad and it does not heal as fast as they grow, I guess it's time to trim them. Reason so is hair begins to split around the 3-4 month mark, which is when you’ll actually need a trim. If you don't trim, you'll have problem with split ends, and you must know that split ends travels up the hair :) and you never want that. Wah piang*, good thing is, you'll have fuzzy look hair, which will look more voluminous.

Most important point of all is healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp. 
I have to commit a lot of money for that because constantly bleaching my hair has not really ruined my hair but my scalp. But it depends on the scalp type, as for me, I have very sensitive hair scalp, my scalp reacts badly to bleaching agents.

So if you "diedie-also" want to bleach your hair even though you have sensitized scalp just like me and without considering all the consequences cause all of that in your mind is "Fuck-it-YOLO", here is a really good tip for you: 

Buy a big jar of aloe vera gel, put in ALOT of aloe vera gel on your scalp after the bleaching/hair dye process, and constantly add on it. It will help the healing and soothe the burning effect. Leave it overnight and DO NOT wash the aloe vera gel away. Just add on more when it dries up. ( I usually do that for 2-3 days) .

I have to stress that having beautiful colors on hair need high maintenance, (spend alot time and money on intensive care). If you are not financially ready probably you should go back to the NORMAL COLOR lah.

Sound off what you think at the comment box below!



第二天8点被妈妈吵醒,浑身不爽。原以为可以睡到自然醒的我正要闹床气时,她说“行不行送我到诊所”,我就全醒了。或许你有所不知, 妈妈是一个非常能干不服输的典型狮子座。若非到严重的地步,妈妈绝对不轻易低声求助。















Leon 问我怎么在发呆了。
我问他,‘Do you think my mom will die?’








Signing off, 

I blame the petrol when I am asked what's taking me so long to reach.

Okay, I lied. Fact is, I never really cared much about petrol. To me, as long as the car is working, it's fine. Whenever I see my brothers collecting receipts from the petrol pump and start counting on the millage, I shrug my shoulder a little.

I think to myself.
"Boy, that must be a man thing."

My mind changed a little when I was invited to "Experience-to-believe" program. This is a try before you buy era, so I tried my PETRONAS PRIMAX95 with Advance Energy Formula before I like it. 

A few weeks ago, I signed up myself this program to try out the PETRONAS PRIMAX95 with Advance Energy Formula. I challenged myself something I have never did it before in my life, I #swear - Driving all the way to Ipoh from KL, alone.


I guess at least I checked another one off my bucket list. 
A picture before the super long fancy journey.

I filled up the gas tank with Petronas Primax 95 with advanced energy formula, checked the air pressure of my car, and made sure everything is ready before the long journey. Cliche but worthy: prepare the umbrella before it rains!

My Petronas gift card!

A picture before we leave to Ipoh! Hello EnWei!

I've never been driving that far on my own before in my entire life.
Did I just say that?
This is the scenery on the way to Ipoh Indulgence for lunch. *growling stomach

It's an interesting journey as we are guided to drive in a challenging windy road. This is to let us experience the powerful yet smooth pick up of the fuel.

Oh hello palm oil tress.

One car following another.

After we reached Indulgence in Ipoh, we were well fed and everybody start sharing their experiences.

During the Q&A session. 

Some question that you might want to know: 

1. Are you a Petronas user? 
A: I am not faithful to any particular brand, so I guess I am Petronas user but not a frequent one. 

2. Does the fuel really affect the driving experience? 

A: In my opinion, YES. In this case, PETRONAS PRIMAX95 with Advance Energy Formula does give me extra power and better, smoother pick up during the rainy and windy road. 

3. Why do you think so? (Question2) 

A: Well, I travelled to Idulgence, Ipoh from Publika and back, it is more than 400km, and I only use half a tank of petrol. That's impressive. (take note that we went extra miles as we took the windy road! )

Ok, I'm signing off!

Be sure to try PETRONAS PRIMAX95 with Advance Energy Formula for that extra millage! 

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