OhhSoMe Festival!

Just in case you've missed out on the little gathering with all the latest, hottest and coolest social media influencers from different communities at #OhhSoMe Fest which stand for Ohh Social Media Festival (so creative!), then you are not cool! 

Seriously, you must have missed out a lot of fun if you weren't there!
Don't be jealous, I promise I will let you know earlier next time okay!

Here is a picture of Me and JQ posing before we get sweaty and sticky! 

There are a few interesting, custom picture booths and these babies totally rocked the floor. Too cute not to take a picture! 

What else can excite me other than the reverse bungee? whoohoo. But I never tried it because I chickened out when I saw the queue, not the bungee, #sumpah

On that day the peepoh that preformed include #TMT (The Ming Thing) 
Picture credit to Jackie Loi.

Namewee's little princess Joyce Chu. 

Coming up next is DASH! 
Their latest cover on Taylor Swift "shake it off" is a cool thang. 
This is my favorite song from the main singer Darren Ashley: If I Don't Stay
It's even better in live and loving those lyrics! 

And a collaboration with Paperplane Pursuit
Picture credit to Jackie Loi.

Super cool and Jazzy Narmi. 
Picture credit to Jackie Loi.

The party is not going to be complete without Elizabeth Tan.  
Picture credit to Jackie Loi.

And the super adorable, awesome singer JayChou from YouTube David Choi. My favorite piece from him is  "Missing piece"
He is totally incredible singer.
I wonder how many broken hearts he had healed with his song.
Picture credit to Lance

Picture credit to Jackie Loi.
Last but not least is WongFu Productions.
Phil is just too cute. I forgot about my bf for that instant.
Picture credit to Jackie Loi.

 Met my uni-mates

 And a great night view with a lot of awesome music,  people are just overwhelming.

Bumped into this cute guy from Honest Mistake. Do check Leonard out!

And the cute Rawlins!

Hi Lance. :D

Many thanks Hotlink for sponsoring this event gathering all the awesome social media cool peepoh. #LIVELIFELOUD yay!

Signing Off

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