Petrol, it does matter.

I blame the petrol when I am asked what's taking me so long to reach.

Okay, I lied. Fact is, I never really cared much about petrol. To me, as long as the car is working, it's fine. Whenever I see my brothers collecting receipts from the petrol pump and start counting on the millage, I shrug my shoulder a little.

I think to myself.
"Boy, that must be a man thing."

My mind changed a little when I was invited to "Experience-to-believe" program. This is a try before you buy era, so I tried my PETRONAS PRIMAX95 with Advance Energy Formula before I like it. 

A few weeks ago, I signed up myself this program to try out the PETRONAS PRIMAX95 with Advance Energy Formula. I challenged myself something I have never did it before in my life, I #swear - Driving all the way to Ipoh from KL, alone.


I guess at least I checked another one off my bucket list. 
A picture before the super long fancy journey.

I filled up the gas tank with Petronas Primax 95 with advanced energy formula, checked the air pressure of my car, and made sure everything is ready before the long journey. Cliche but worthy: prepare the umbrella before it rains!

My Petronas gift card!

A picture before we leave to Ipoh! Hello EnWei!

I've never been driving that far on my own before in my entire life.
Did I just say that?
This is the scenery on the way to Ipoh Indulgence for lunch. *growling stomach

It's an interesting journey as we are guided to drive in a challenging windy road. This is to let us experience the powerful yet smooth pick up of the fuel.

Oh hello palm oil tress.

One car following another.

After we reached Indulgence in Ipoh, we were well fed and everybody start sharing their experiences.

During the Q&A session. 

Some question that you might want to know: 

1. Are you a Petronas user? 
A: I am not faithful to any particular brand, so I guess I am Petronas user but not a frequent one. 

2. Does the fuel really affect the driving experience? 

A: In my opinion, YES. In this case, PETRONAS PRIMAX95 with Advance Energy Formula does give me extra power and better, smoother pick up during the rainy and windy road. 

3. Why do you think so? (Question2) 

A: Well, I travelled to Idulgence, Ipoh from Publika and back, it is more than 400km, and I only use half a tank of petrol. That's impressive. (take note that we went extra miles as we took the windy road! )

Ok, I'm signing off!

Be sure to try PETRONAS PRIMAX95 with Advance Energy Formula for that extra millage! 

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