Some #Throwback

When I am doing some clean up on those pictures of I never posted it up on facebook and those I've posted it a lot of times, I just found myself back to this kind of picture again, sad picture.

This is a picture taken in Bebe when Leon and I are shopping for a cocktail dress for our "do you want to be my gf dinner"

I swear to god this is not photoshopped (or I strike by Thunder ok) and look at that body back then. :(

This is a picture with my beloved cousin sister Maggie. 

Back then when both of us are so tiny and skinny. 
I don't know why I have a cat face.

And I ask my bf. 
"and why are we look like piece of shit now? that make us pile of shit :( " 
He say "cause reality is shitty, you are shit." 

"I am pretty shit, you are pretty shitty." 

Guess life's cruel. It's already end of the year. 
I am still poor. 
I am still ugly. 
I am still fat. 

It's time for 2015 year resolution again! What do you wished for?
Sound off in the comment box below!

signing off.

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  1. lol where got fat . . . ur fat grows at top still mah? :X

  2. wow, that's looks sexy loh, i wonder girls nowadays like to go clubbing d?

    1. lol. that's like old days man... not sure? :D


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