Why The Lost of Followers? #InstagramPurge


Errr, Nope. This picture is not related to my content at all. But I simply think it's cool cause look at this woman from back reminds me of man. hahah. BTW do not laughcause the woman is me. 

If follower count are just vanity metrics, I guess the last Instagram purge really hit almost everyone's dignity hard, including me.

I woke up that day and my instagram followers has descended by 200 followers.

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When I saw the notice before that "You will see a decrease in your following/follower account as we are doing a clean up", I am like hell yeah, that's not burning my tail at all. But the fact is the purge has cost me a lost of 200 followers, made me curious about, who and why are these followers following me if they were not even paid/genuine?

Because spam bots chooses you

A year ago when I was so obsessed with all the instagram fashion trends and luxury bags, I followed a number of instagram clothes accounts and luxury bags selling accounts, hoping to be, ahhem,  inspired, to be less of a fashion loser. However, this act has resulted in ALOT OF accounts randomly adding me.

You are thinking I must be happy as I have an increment in my followers but NO.
as I had less engagement from my followers as usually they will not like/comment to your Instagram post. They just follow you hoping you will follow them just to check out their clothes.

And you wondered why me? Cause they just follow all the followers from that particular instagram shop/shops that  I followed.

Come back to the point on how losing followers relate to spam bots.

Recently, I have encounter an app that can gain you more attention from the followers around the world, hence, more likes from one of my blogger friends. In my curiosity, I tried (It's "Tags for Likes" ) and it really works no matter how shitty your picture is, usually a boost of 10~30 or more, depends on how interesting of your picture as well.

Basically, this app works by generating the very popular hashtags for you, saving all your troubles. All you need to do is add the hashtags to your photo and viola, there comes the likes.

And this is where the tricky part is, some spam bots, follow bots, motorboat whatever bot, they follow according to the hashtags.
Which means, the more hashtags you have, the more likely you'll followed by spam.

So don't worry, cause everybody losses followers at some point.

But nonetheless, if you're losing more than 10% of your followers, it's either you're a spam magnet or hey, #gogetalife.

Signing off

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