I finally have time to post about my nose filler! I had nose filler done last month and I really love the result!!!

If you're interested to know more about the nose filler, keep reading!

If you've followed my posts earlier, you should know that I'm really really obsessed with perfect skin and I've made a few visits to Sliq Clinic for what they are renowned for, their lasers. Because Dr Steve and I share the same vision, what are beautiful features without a beautiful face?

And a day before I flew to Hawaii, I decided to go for a nose filler at Sliq Clinic. I know, I am already very pretty and I don't need a nose job (haha).But for the longest time (since I’ve known about beauty), I’ve always hated my nose. 

That typical Asian garlic-look nose, fml.
No mama, ain't nobody complaining for what you gave me.
This is a picture taken a few years back then.
Error 404: no nose bridge found.

I had the thought to "revamp" my features ever since I was 16 and I've researched a lot on nose jobs. But true enough, I've never stepped out to make the commitment and nose jobs are not cheap. Imagine that you paid for your new nose and you hated it, but you have not enough money to reverse the result, fml. 

When I was in Sliq Clinic, I had small talks with Dr. Steve on nose fillers and I understand that nose fillers can achieve almost a similar result (on nose bridge especially) and on a few extra notes: 

1. It's reversible and safe
Unlike Rhinoplasty (nose job), Hyaluronic acid (filler) is actually a substance that our body possesses. It can be shaped and also it will absorb into the body eventually. Hence, the risk of infection and rejection is minimal. Also, Dr Steve mentioned if I'm not happy with the outcome, I can always reverse the effect by using enzymes as it is enzyme soluble. 

2. It'snon permanent
Although that some of us might find this as a flaw of aesthetic fillers, but I personally find this a minimal commitment and can be beneficial to those who wouldn't want a long-term commitment on the nose. (the effect last varies from 1 year to 2 years, depends on individual lifestyle)

3. Zero to 1 week downtime
Rhinoplasty usually takes way longer to recover and to look natural, but the effect is way more prominent. However for people like me who opt for natural and zero downtime, filler is the option. The nose gets slightly swollen for 1 to 3 days. Some even do the procedure during lunch break of their work and get back to work immediately after.

But just in case you didn't know, there are actually plenty of fillers our there, however, not all are FDA certified.If you are looking for cheap fillers, chances are you might be getting a non-certified filler. And the worse scenario is that you might ruin your nose if it is not certified.

That is why I choose Sliq Clinic and Dr Steve.
Because he understands what is beauty and how to achieve it with the safest procedure.
I remember when we had small talks on some people that underwent plastic surgery and how to judge them (who's prettier or not), I am very satisfied that our beauty vision is aligned.

Tips from me to those who wish to go for any aesthetic procedure, always AlwaysALWAYS talk to your Dr about the person who’s look you wish to achieve, how he thinks about that, how you like it and show lots of examples and pictures. Make sure the Dr knows what you need, and what you want.

At last, after the long wait.
I get numb cream applied to my nose for 20minutes.

And there it goes.
Dr Steve carefully injects the filler, making sure it's at the right places. 

He massages the nose after that, making sure it's shaped nicely.

And patiently added on a little by little. 
Because I mentioned that I wouldn't want it look too over the top.

The result, is immediate. Below is the picture of me 30 minutes after the injection.

By knowing that I actually own a humble little blog, Dr Steve agree to giveaway my readers 15% offer for facial /laser treatment (non-promotional item only) using this code: 


This offer code will only be effective until February so for those who want get a prettier face or sharper nose before Christmas and Chinese New Year, don't say I never tell chu!

Signing off, 
Go be beautiful! :D

Clinic contact:

SLIQ clinicF1-19, Oasis Village, Oasis Square, 

No. 2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
Ara Damansara, 47301, Petaling Jaya.

Tel:- 017-277 5580 03-7831 6893Operating hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-7pm

Signing off, 
Go be beautiful! :D

Attention to all the Hello Kitty fans, images below will make you scream because it's full of Hello Kitty awesomeness. Who wants to go to Hello Kitty Cafe? Because I am going to show you Hello Kitty TOWN! :)

The Sanrio Hello Kitty Town at last officially opened its door to public on the 31st of October2015! Being the first few to visit, feeling privileged I said to myself "WHY IS THIS PLACE SO PINK AND CUTE!!!!" 

And this time, Hello Kitty features a theme that tells my favorite story - The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!
I guess it's not that strange to most as the movie alone has been remade countless times!

And of course, in conjunction with the Oz theme, there will be a lot of limited edition Hello Kitty Oz collectible merchandise for collection!

In the Hello Kitty Oz World, you can play a varieties of games to win a postcard and other activities that is suitable for the kids and big babies like me!
You'll need to flash your cute little Hello Kitty Hero to start playing the games.

Also, there are other activities like folding the Hello Kitty box.
And I must say, this is pretty addictive cause I'm an origami freak. 


Also you can meet Hello Kitty in real with a lot of fancy dress up.
Sometimes, you can also witness Hello Kitty Wedding. This is Hello Kitty in princess dress I suppose.
There are also Daniel, Melody, Hello Kitty in other dress up, Badtzmaru and many more. They will come out in different mascots according to their slot. By all means, take more pictures!!!

With all the girls in the Kitty mode.

When you are hungry, you can always drop by at Red Bow Cafe for all their reasonable Hello Kitty food! I want the Hello Kitty toast but all are just too cute to eat <3 p="">

Also, one of the attraction/activity is to visit the Hello Kitty's house!

Welcome to Hello Kitty's home!
This is the living room.

Hello Kitty house is quite a decent size, especially her bath tub! 
It's SO HUGE. Everything in Hello Kitty town is just filled with cutesy!

I'm just too excited! Look at all the cute item and utensils in Hello Kitty's kitchen.
 I am not a super diehard fan of Hello Kitty, but I just can't resist because all of these are just too cute and too dreamy!

If you intend to come Hello Kitty Town, remember to stay at Jen Hotel which is just 5 minutes walk to Hello Kitty Town and there is a free shuttle bus to Lego Land as well! Also, for all the Singapore friends out there, it's only a 20 minute drive from Malaysia-Singapore Second Link and 25 minutes drive from the Senai International Airport! :)

For more information, visit the Facebook Page at HERE.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town
Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbour,
79000, Nusajaya,
Johor Darul Takzim,

Operating Hours: 
Daily from 10am to 6pm.

To purchase ticket, go to HERE.
 If I'm not mistaken, the price is only RM59 nett for the MyCard holders.  ;)

Signing off,
Have a sweet Hello Kitty Journey!

They say beauty comes with a price.
And since we are all not born perfect and if a little aesthetic procedure helps, I don't see a problem with it. Especially when the food we eat, the air we inhale are no longer that clean and natural anymore, we definitely need some technology in reviving those cells under the skin!

And need not say how much I hated my dull skin and large pores. As I have mentioned earlier on my previous CO2 Fractional Laser post, that no one treatment can minimize all the large pores, so I visited Sliq Clinic again this month. This is the third time I paid a visit to Sliq Clinic.

Sliq Clinic offers a lot of non invasive aesthetic procedures, and is well known with their laser procedures. After my first visit and laser treatment with them, I decided to come back for another laser treatment as I'm highly satisfied with the improvement on my skin.

This time, Dr Steve introduced me to a Carbon Peel procedure that can improve my dullness, acne scars, with zero downtime. Also, this treatment is priced at a much affordable range that the previous laser (tho effectiveness varies as well). Hence, I take this as an "intensive monthly facial treatment".

Carbon Peel is a treatment suitable for oily/acne skin, dullness, uneven skin tone and open pore problems. It has instant and long term effect.
First, get your skin checked and analysed.

Dr Steve says this treatment is very popular among the youngster and this laser only takes about 5 minutes and the procedure include preparation is about 20 minutes. He also patiently explained to me what my skin condition is and how it needed to be taken care of, as usual.

After that, I was sent to the room to get my skin cleansed and prepped.
And next, the nurse carefully applied carbon on my face.

Dr Steve then started his procedure after placing protective gear on my eyes.
After the laser scanned through, the carbon on the face immediately evaporated off.

Leaving a more glowy skin.

This is a picture after treatment with Dr Steve, mind you I have put zero foundation on my face! Look at that healthy glow!

I have friends that ask me there are other aesthetic clinics that sponsor treatment and why I insist doing it at Dr. Steve's? Because when you step into Sliq Clinic, you really feel like home. And Dr. Steve effort and passion towards aesthetic treatment and his customer can easily be seen. He always makes sure he update his clinic's gadgets.

Making sure it's up to date and helps maximizing the customer benefits.

Look at this selfie I took before and after. 
The light tone might vary due to the angle, but look at forehead and cheek, they glow. 
Also, 2 weeks after the treatment, my skin is getting better each day. :) Looking forward to the next carbon peel next month. 

So, if you're looking for laser treatment or carbon peel, I highly recommend Sliq Clinic!
For those who curious how much of my procedure costs, it's only MYR600.
Also, they have package prices and a promotion in November!!!

Go to Sliq Clinic Facebook check out their promotional price HERE.

Sliq Clinic
First floor unit 19, 
Oasis village, Jalan PJU 1A/7A, 
Oasis Damansara 47301 
PJ, Selangor

Phone: 017-2775580
Email: sliqclinic@gmail.com
URL: www.sliqclinic.com

Signing off! 
My flawless skin! :)

No doubt that bleaching the hair is one of the ways to achieve more dynamic and vibrant color we don't have and we won't have. Speaking of experience, it was indeed the right decision that I decided to bleach my hair 4 years ago.

I've started with dip-dyed with bleaching only the ends, 2 times whole head bleaching that go blonde. 4 times or so of different tone of purple, and now ombre lavender grey.

Also, it never fails to catch the attention from everyone and also in case someone forgets me, they never forget my hair. It is so vain to say but it really made a difference in my life, especially experiencing all the attention and learning to cope with it.

But let's face it, bleached hair doesn't last.
Especially weeks after being bleached, shampooing the hair washes away the moisture that was once sealed under your hair cuticle, broken by bleaching agents.

And now you are sourcing for help, for that dull frizzy dry tangled hair you refuse to chop off.

My solution for maintaining the bleached hair is putting tons of serum and oil in my hair before shower, replace conditioner with treatment cream and then do hair masks during the shower for at least 5 minutes, also, not washing the hair often. 

If you've saw me doing all my treatments, you'll be definitely baffled by how many hair products I've owned and I even gave away lots of products once a year, JUST TO FIND THE RIGHT PRODUCT for my hair.

BUT if my way is going to help, why are there salons out there?
Because we do not own all the professional tools that help improve the results.

I've went to Haircode Academy last month to try out their moisture hair mask, and I must say it was aaaaamaazing. ( FYI, nobody is paying me to say this. )

Reason so is 2 weeks and half later, I went to my usual hair salon and asked my hairdresser if I need a haircut or trim. He said :

"I thought you hair just trimmed no? No white dots woh."

For the first time, my hair condition is so good that even my hairdresser didn't realize that I've not trimmed my hair for 2 months!
I'm baffled at how lasting the hair treatment was.

If you did not know, white dots are usually found at the end of your hair and it's a sign of breakage and lack of moisture. Usually it happens to bleached hair or dyed hair. If it's not trimmed, split ends will form.

After my long winded story, we all know treatment at home is so important but splurging on professionals with professional tools once a month or two is totally worth it, especially for girls with long hair.

And the hair treatment I received is called:
KeraStraight Protein Mask

The hairdresser shows how wet hair can be tangled but immediately become smooth and untangled after the treatment cream is put on.

The special part of this treatment is that they use Good Hair Day dryer to dry your treatment cream just to SEAL the keratin into your hair. After that they wash away the residue. 
To achieve the ultimate result, a heater is used to dry the hair completely, as heat will transform the protein cream to keratin. 

The Good Hair Day heat plate has the technology making sure the heat is always at 160 degrees even if used on wet hair. This is to ensure that the hair is not damaged as lower heat temperatures will not achieve the ultimate result and any heat temperatures higher will cause damage to hair. 

And even my friend actually asked me how that my hair can be so healthy after that. 
Seriously my friend, this treatment cut down a lot of hair care for a lazy bum like me. 

Look at Jan hair which also highly bleached.

So silky and no split ends!

A photo session of me with my good hair and one of the hairdressers.

 Of course, like I always say, hair care did the maintenance.
Got this set of hair care products and feeling wonderful.

I must say if you are buying this set or plan to buy, my favorite is the conditioner.

I usually don't opt for conditioner as it is oily and useless to me but KeraStraight conditioner feels like serum when applied on my wet hair.
It absorbs quickly and is not oily at all.

For the treatment mask, it is just like how I got serviced from the salon.
I will have to first put the cream on my hair after towel dry.Next, blow dry the hair completely, let the mask sets in. Then, wash it off again.

The routine is rather tedious but I try to do it at least once a week and trust me, it's worth every single cent. This is because the treatment not just plain helps smooth the surface of your damaged hair but actually strengthens them, the effect stays.
Not many other treatments last a few days out there.

Recently I stopped oil treatment at home and let it go a bit raw.
My hair is still pretty healthy for bleached and dyed hair.

Totally recommend it.
But just in case you are wondering where to get all these goodies, they are not sold in retail.

Only at 
No. A-6-2, Plaza Kelana Jaya,
Jalan SS7/13A, 47301 
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
H/P: 012-5055511
Website: http://www.kerastraight.com/

or their distributing partners like 
A Cut Above group of salons.
Website: http://acutabove.com.my/

Signing off,
Go fluffy hair go!

说到购物有哪个女人不心动?虽知购物一向不止女人的权利,而是大家的消遣的权益(哈哈)。由于大马的民众购物能力已达天文数字(真有其事),Astro在今年一月新推出的Go Shop 更是购物迷的佳音!真是“却不踏出门,却能买天下物!”
Shopping is no longer only for the women but also for everyone! According to some marketing research, Malaysian spends A LOT on shopping, no joke, A LOT. Now, the new multiplatform lifestyle shopping channel, Go Shop, is now available in Mandarin! It’s definitely another level of shopping experience!

为了让消费者体验这无与伦比的购物享受,Go Shop如今更是推出期待已久的高清格式中文频道 Astro 318 所以现在有了中文 频道和2015年一月推出的马来文频道118,网路和移动电子商务平台!
The long awaited Mandarin Channel 318 in HD is the second channel from Go Shop. First Go Shop Channel 118 in Bahasa launched in January 2015. Go Shop is now launching Channel 318 in Mandarin, building on the success of Channel 118 in Bahasa.

如果你还不知道Go Shop是何等圣物,你就不是购物迷了!简介来说Go Shop犹如电视购物,但是却不止提供在单一电视而已,更是提供于网络与电子商务消费,所以真的很方便!你可以先看了再买,而且Go Shop不止方便,还很安全。它们有退货政策,保修和西马福利 - 免费运费!
Still not knowing what is Go Shop? You are no fans of shopping! In short, Go shop is like TV shopping channel, but you don’t actually can watch them from TV alone, but also on other digital platforms like internet. Hence, it’s so convenient and Go Shop also provided free shipping for Penisular Malaysia, as well as return policy & warranties. So much love!

好吧, 来看看我在Go Shop 中文频道正式推出的照片,看看谁是GO SHOP的代言人!
新秀季军EZen, 华裔小姐Emily,职业母亲Ying LingAEC主持人Jenny, 还有艺人Emely!还有没在照片的凯心和何海其。
Alright, let us check out more of what I did during the Go Shop Mandarin Channel 318 launch,check out their ambassadors as well! From left to right, Ezen from Astro Talent Quest, Emily the Miss Astro Chinese International, Ying Ling the working mother, AEC host Jenny and Emely the artist. Also their ambassadors include Catherine and Ho Hai Chyi (not in the picture). 

当然,也少不了颜微恩和贾森。第一次见贾森真人好真实 的感觉!我说贾森你好帅可是你不热吗? 哈哈
Of couse, the ambassadors include Gan Mei Yan and Jason Phang  from My Fm. 

Long awaited selfie

看到Laneige, 怎能不试用!我看我可以做试用模特儿了我。哈哈
Trying the products that Astro Go Shop selects! They also selling Laneige!

And the 100% authentic  Red Ginseng.

Look at this gym bike, you can work out when you watch TV at home yo!

我认证了当天几种产品, Go Shop 都真卖不错的牌子的产品,看来大家真能放心购买哟!其实我个人是想买那个那个果汁机啦~有人要送我生日礼物吗!看过价若无误才RM1488 Slow Juicer咧。
I’ve tried a few items that Go Shop includes in their selling list, they are all not bad and shoppers definitely can shop at peace of mine. My favorite goes to their Slow Juicer and it’s only RM1488 if not mistaken. It’s my birthday soon and you know what to do! :D

所以如果想要看人示范,就收看Astro Go Shop 吧!记得华语频道318哟!
更多详情,快上到http://www.goshop.com.my 或者https://www.facebook.com/ShopatGOSHOP 了解哟!
Ok, remember to check Astro Go Shop at http://www.goshop.com.my or https://www.facebook.com/ShopatGOSHOP for more information!

Signing off! Happy shopping!

It's a gastronomic experience at Imperial Rama last weekend. We were cordially invited to review for Imperial Rama at Genting Highlands and if you've been to the MIGF (Malaysia International Gourmet Festival) 2015, you must have tried their Abalone Soup with Maca and Chicken, nourishing and delicious!

Imperia Rama is a high end restaurant catering finer and exquisite tastes of Genting revelers. The head chef is impressive,  previously at a high end Singaporean chinese eatery for 25 years.

The 5 course meal starts with the appetizer:
Crystal Prawn 
Crispy tiger prawn topped with the Japan fish roe. Also, pairing with avocado and tuna, it's interesting to play on the palate.

No Chinese cuisine would be complete without a soup to taste.
Coming up next:

Double-Boiled 6 Head Abalone with Dried Maca and Chicken Soup.

Maca is not just nourishing and good for women but also men. The soup serves extra delicious in the cold weather at Genting. Not just that it is the signature dish of Imperial Rama but also my personal own favorite.

Coming up with the entree.
Baked Golden Pomfret with Chef Sauce.
The sauce sweet yet tangy and the pomfret, one of my favorites cooked perfectly.

Main Couse:
Stuffed Sea Cucumber with Noodle Cheese Sauce
Unlike the slimey over cooked sea cucumber, this one is worth to share.

The stuffing, a combination of pork, and shrimp also complemented the texture of the sea cucumber perfectly.  Of course, the specially imported Taiwan noodles with cheese sauce put the icing on the cake.
Bird's Nest with Mango Puree and Snow Mango Mochi 
Not to be beaten out, the Bird's Nest with Mango Puree and Snow Mango Mochi dessert capped off an already fabulous dinner set.  We all know the ingredients in the dishes are premium with bird's nest, but a specially made creamy and smooth Mochi made the whole set come together in a swirl of flavors that few will experience at most Chinese restaurants.

With every sip of mango puree, you can taste the bird nest.

Overall, the full set menu felt excellent and worth the price, especially with the promotions.
It's only RM338 nett per person with Complimentary Chinese Pu Er Tea.

I am baffled at the price considering the venue and as well as the premium choice of ingredients (bird nest, abalone, tiger prawn, sea cucumber), it's a steal!

Also, this month, the MIGF month, they are giving door gifts and as well as room night offers. Festival diners are entitle for half off room rates at the Genting Grand Premier Room and discounts to see the Superstars of Magic Show!  Full details are at the MIGF

Of course here is a picture of with the head chef, and we certainly enjoyed the excellent culinary experience!

Signing off!
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