5 things we should learn from XiaXue expose

If you are following all the hot potatoes lately about Xiaxue and also SMRT and all the Cloudies (yankaykay etc), I feel I'm still 7 when I reading them. All the exposes and rebuttals & the expose of the expose. Looking at all these dramas make me miss high school. Aww. No wonder teacher always say that the school mirrors the society in a shrunken version.

But every expose / cat fight from the online world can really teach us something, really!
And it's surprisingly how netizens dig up all the N years ago story and I say, why you all netizen so free one!!! Ok I also want to be #veryfree sia. One thing I must say thank you anyway cause all these juicy gossips really enlighten my day, ahhem. I mean learn, yes, learn alot of lesson ah, moral values ah, but

For example when XiaXue "exposed" herself using the handicapped loo years ago, I then only just realize I'm a fool for all these years I've been queuing and going to the normal box like others ah? Sigh. Confirm XX is handicapped somewhere else people cannot see. #sympathy

I conclude all the lessons that is important (IMO) in this blog post okay!

1. Don't be a hypocrite. Like SMRT says: "Don't throw stones at people if you live in a glass house! 

screenshot from http://xiaxueexposed.wordpress.com/
Freedom of speech, but nobody ever should hurt or say anything about her kid!
When being picked up, of course Xiaxue will stand and admit whatever that she did wrong, she did feel bad for Kim K's baby! But let me tell you what is the second lesson:

2. When you get caught doing something bad, apologize. But remember, apologize SINCERELY. Like this! 

screenshot from http://xiaxueexposed.wordpress.com/
跌在地上也要抓巴沙 is really best to describe XX. So if so happened you so suay that get caught doing something that contradict whatever "principle" "moral" or "ethical" you stand up for, learn from XX! She is the role model!

screenshot from http://xiaxueexposed.wordpress.com/
See? She think only la!!!! Cause it's not born yet! Who knows KimK baby can be dead mah cannot meh? #choy

3. Ethical or not ethical? Most important thing is to be consistent and also stick to what you believe! Even if the product is shitty!OPS!

Don't know how to explain this but let's watch this episode of her channel then you'll get it!
Send XX more traffic! She needs the attention!

screenshot from clicknetwork.tv

Seriously, XX never said anything unethical on YouTube mah, only on blog leh. So really honestly Qiu qiu, it's not that XX wants to be competitive, your brand X make up remover is really bad. What kind of "new and improved" model is that? Hers is the best!

When come to really desperate, yeah, put the blame on the kids, cause they can't speak for themselves. See XX so smart! :D She's the smartest!
screenshot from clicknetwork.tv

4. A good friend is like gold. 

The whole saga really make me respect to SY, XX best friend. Cause she is such a good friend to XX, writing her such a lengthy and touchy post.
When you mentioned about XX is not being skeptical and Kay Kay is just collateral damage, well I trust you! You have all my trust even I saw this on XX blog! Cause you are such a loyal friend and you are someone that sees behind the flaws.

Screenshot from xiaxue.blogspot.com

5. All what I said in this blog is sarcastic la I know! But this is just what I think mah, freedom of speech mah! So don't hate me!!!

Quote Xiaxue: 

Screenshot from xiaxue.blogspot.com

FINEEEE! I will apologize!
I am sorry LOH cause I thought XX won't read mah!
screenshot from http://xiaxueexposed.wordpress.com/

What?! I already apologized mah, what the fuck more do you want me to say?

Sound off at the comment box below what lesson you've learn! #lol

Signing off

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  1. lol, aper ni, sounds so fierce lah girl fight, why no guy's blogging news geh?

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  2. hahaha not so famous yet? hahha then perhaps she could be your role model! cause she also gain fame thru controversial posts.. sometimes i think maybe she did it on purpose to attract...

    Best pizza in Penang? Some said better than Brand PH & Brand D!! LOL

  3. eyyyyyh ish Henry! of course she is lo? or maybe she is super woman lorh, fight for justice mah. Don't want, im not good in controversial, sial sial one. ahhaha


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