Holiday at Pulau Pangkor Resort

A while back I went to the Pangkor Laut Resort. 
I really enjoyed myself a lot moving out from the rat race, even just for a few days. 
I love KL but at times, I really need a place away from the hustle bustle city and the pollution, the traffic jams, the list goes on. Looks like I don't really love KL after all. heh.

Our stay on the Hill Villa. 
Apparently there are other villas like sea villa, beach villa and blahblahblah, and I guess Hill Villa is the closest to the tree elfs.#canseeTarzanalso

After so many hours in the car, I definitely need to try out the bath tub first!

There is also a balcony outside your room, can see sunset and sunrise #wahpiang

The second day. 
While passing by the bar. 
Let me pretend I am checking out the scenery. #cheatone
Please don't judge me kthx

Asked Leon to take one of those really artsy-fancy kind of "running to the beach' kind of picture. Ended up I got this. Too messed up le sigh. 

And what I am thinking is like this:


Ok. everywhere is full with these kind of pot with flower petals. 
So preets.  

Getting to know Pangkor Laut Resort, they have a few restaurants around and honestly speaking, they are all very delicious. For breakfast, we've chosen the fusion buffet that is near to our villa. The choices of the breakfast is quite crazy! There are so many choices that I… I … I lost count! 
Croissant and hash brown is the bomb! 

Man, I really need a break from KL. Look at the view! Let's go swim! 

But Leon says don't want swim. Want play with the Jacuzzi. 

Super childish I tell you. I thought he's 5 at that moment but actually his real age doubled don't know how many times ugh. 

So I did have time for *vain pictures.

Next to the swimming pool there is another restaurant that we headed for lunch. 
Everything is free (included in the package) Just eat and sign your name. Hassle free! Never have to face the reality that you actually have to pay for food after meal, just sign your room number! #supercoolz

Ordered seaweed salad. errr. It's too "green" for me.

Looking all the wild life around is just fun. Lizard freaking big you know! Saw one on the road is like giant 3-feet but didn't manage to take a picture of it. 

Main dish  Yums. Super yummy #forgotname 

This is my Lam Mee with black sauce, also quite nice.

Can order dessert also! Apple crumble with ice cream. 
Apple crumble is too sweet.  :(

Our dinner on day 2 and 3 is at Uncle Lim's kitchen. Uncle Lim serves the top notch Chinese cuisine. All the dishes in the menu is perfect! Even the bakchoy, man I miss those.

Loving the details of the crockery. 

Zomok the scenery so pretty one... 
Pardon my face.

Went Kayak after that and realized both Leon and me cannot work together one. The kayak don't know head where and at one point I nearly gave up and break up. LOL no way it's true? Yes way. I am very impatient and bossy I must say. Trying to check that for my 2015 resolution.

The next day, we tried out their Spa.

The whole process of the spa is exhilarating and... awkward. Cause someone will bathe you wtf first timer here. 
I thought I am a queen or something. 

And before that you have to go through a ritual of Indonesian culture kind of blessing the bathe (not too sure but, yeah, something like that) 
Have to walk to the another end with crossed hand on chest. Super culture shock

And you have to make a wish. 
I wished for more wishes but oh well. #pun

And you bathe yourself and get into this warm pool. 
All my nerves just got so relaxed they sticked together. Cantonese: Chisin. HAHA

The view from the little warm pool. 

After that, the masseur bathe me (awkward -.-), really scrub your back you know! (err) and then we proceed to the massage. 
So being ME as usual,  I asked Leon if the masseur bathe the guys too and the answer is a yes. HAHAHAHAH 

"Wah, then she saw your ..... loh! What is her reaction?hahahaha" 
"She goes like WAHHHH" 

After spa have to go check out the spa pool (there are 2 pools in Pangkor Laut Resort)

Free grab soiled towels with flowers<3 wahhhh 

Photo shooting session 3,2,1 start!
Pose 1. 

Pose 2. 

Pose 3.

Pose 4. 

Ok see the clouds. 

SO many glam glam pic here is one unglam one

Leon playing with the mini waterfall.

It's really pretty relax to swim in a nice infinity pool. The view often take away my breath. 

Everybody is forced to put the flower on head after that.
Never know Leon can be so pretty. HAHAHAHA

Even Leon's mama have to do it. #bossycarina

Wild life everywhere. First time seen a green snake. #jakun So tiny. #socute

You got chauffeured to everywhere here. 
For example, today we are going to the beach! 

Clean sand and water. Blue sky and white clouds. 
That's the best adjective ever. 


It's us it's us! 
Didn't really enjoyed myself at the beach cause the sea water stung my skin. I have zero idea why. 

The next day, Leon woke me up to catch sunrise since didn't managed to watch sunset. 
And out villa is the side hill villa with a lot of trees, end up this is the only view I saw. 
Feel so con so vent on Leon again.
haha. Sumpah have to get the worst gf award 2015. 

Our last meal  in Pulau Pangkor Resort.
The kebab beef is the best one I ever had so far.

Leon's burger. A little dry. 

And we head back to the hustle bustle city. 

Ops. Gotta get my supper now! 

Signing off!

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