I couldn't believed I got hacked!

When I heard all the stories about other people who got hacked, I secretly thought that I would have  been lucky enough to skip that part of shit in my life, it's just like story about ghosts that you've heard like a thousand million times, but it's just not that everybody that's lucky/unlucky enough to have seen it.

So, I thought I could have lucked out for another year of sailing smooth financially as a student with #happilyeverafter ending, and yeah, it's really a heart attack for me on the 3rd day of New Year, realizing Santa Claus or whosoeverfuck have left me a giant present for me on the 30th of December, it's kind of #hello2015 present or #goodbye2014 present. - Me got hacked.

So that I called Maybank trying to solve this and apparently this time they pick up their call very fast. No more all the press-press-intercom-service-dumb-computer-talk-so-slow-every-time pissed me off too. So next time if you all have urgent problem dealing with Maybank please call this 03-58914744.

The whole story starts with I received an SMS like this:
RM0.00 Your MSOS Code is 233035 for online txn at www,aliexpress.com of USDasumofbigmoney Code will expire in 4 mins.

I received this SMS at freaking 3:50am and I thought it is a scam whereby I've never buy anything from aliexpress.com and the reason I thought it's a scam is I have no idea what is MSOS code, I only know what is TAC code.

So I ignored it.

The next day, I received another SMS like this:
RM0.00 Your MSOS Code is 731733 for online txn at Lazada of IDR 2132220.00. Code will expire in 4 mins.

I didn't see any money transaction, again, I am clueless, and I conclude that MSOS code is a discount code. And not until I checked my account and saw the numbers and trace back all the matching dates with the SMS. Dang!

Damn stupid cause lately all kinds of banks have been sending me some promotion stuff which I don't need! So I cannot be blamed for ignoring an important message like that!

It feels better tho that the customer service reacts very fast in picking up my call and also handling my case very professionally. (not sure if he studied psychology but it really calms me down) Guess I am left no choice but to trust them.

But the nerves racking moment just doesn't end like that. A few days later, I received Public Bank SMS saying that I spend 35RM online again. I am like NUUUUWAY. First Maybank now Public Bank? Not another scam! I called them really angrily, and the slow-speaking-intercom just pissed me off so much. At last when somebody picked up the phone I am already at my boiling point. LOL. Long story short, it's a misunderstanding cause I've set an a auto-transaction for my website. #soembarassing

So I think I have to know more about this whole hack is about and learnt that from a lot of my friends they have similar experience. I really doubt that Maybank online transaction security is it really on par for a business of their size.

I checked what is MSOS code exactly and look what I found!
MSOS Code is a One-Time-Password (OTP) for Online Transaction which is an extension of VBV/ MasterCard SecureCode...this new enhances security feature takes advantage of mobile communication by sending the MSOS Code to your registered mobile number with Maybank. You will be required to enter the MSOS Code online to complete the transaction

Bullshit! Where is the enhanced security whereby I have no problem before, but only when your new stupid MSOS code got implemented I got problems?

“Maybankard's multiple layers of protection give you an extraordinary level of security, so you can feel confident whenever and wherever you use your card.”-quote Maybank website 

I guess not anymore! 

Signing off. 

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