It's a best fried chicken post.

It is quite some time since I had fast food for dinner. Fast food to me means just McDonalds and KFC lol.

I remember I've never heard or hardly know about McDonald's until I'm 14 or something. This is because my childhood is filled with whatever that my parents brought me to, and to them the only fast food they know is KFC (bet they don't even know what KFC stands for, heh!) 

And there goes my childhood. Whenever I behaved unexpectedly good, scored really good in exam, my mom will bring me to KFC have my favorite chicken drumstick. It's my childhood favorite despite all the shits that spread on the internet saying that the chicken they get from must be from some mutant chicken that has 4 wings or 5 heads whatsoever, when it comes to fried chicken, it has been nothing but KFC. #FaithInKFC . 

But I just decided my love for KFC has changed over the years.

Because the chicken drumstick from the advertisement looks like this: 

But they never deliver the same size of chicken drumstick anymore. Now, 2 bites of the chicken drumstick and it's gone. I don't have a picture to compare the advertisement to because I didn't go to KFC for a very long time, don't even bother to visit anymore. Before when I did, I usually get all the cold chicken pieces and once even got a tiny little chicken wing.

And with those dramas that fall on KFC before, such as those anti Chinese videos and whatsoever history, I thought that KFC would improve their service and quality but apparently every time I went they disappointed me a lot. :( 

But when it comes to best fast food fried chicken I would still say KFC but now, not anymore!

Cause I just decided to try on Texas Chicken for my New Year Dinner and apparently it taste amazingly good. It is SO CRUNCHY AND SO HOT. 

The skin is amazingly crunchy I couldn't resist myself for second helping. 
And when is the last time the food delivered close to 90% same with the advertisement picture? I really can't remember.  This is my favorite place already, I don't want to recall anymore :). And not just the chicken skin is crunchy, it is very very juicy inside.  

And I thought of telling my friends about it and they all already known about it. wtf So I am like damn jakun. At around 8 pm I left Texas Chicken store but there was quite a queue at the counter given the small shopping complex, Jaya Shopping Centre. So many people want to buy Texas Chicken meh! 

Ok lah. 
Just want to say good job Texas Chicken. Hopefully you won't be like KFC after some years. 
Damn, maybe after some time KFC will need to send a false alarm saying they are going to close down to attract the customers just like A&W. Damn siasuay lah then. 

Signing off. 

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