Nivea In-shower Conditioner & giveaway!

Hello, let not so famous Carina tell you something about the famous Nivea. #chuckles

So I got a box full of Nivea products for review and of course, no worries, I have too much and guess what? GIVEAWAY? Yes. 

Nivea products always related to beauty, but what is beauty without bouncy and healthy skin? If you still go through the hassle like my fellow friends here that has the Sahara desert dry skin, I guess you should put Nivea Skin Conditioner into consideration. 

Today we will only review Nivea In-shower Conditioner (intensive, hydrating and whitening) and I am shocked that I have so many friends who has dry skin as the question that I sent out from Facebook has a big response and feedback. Thought Malaysia is a humid country? #cannotbrain

And yes I know some of you readers (especially my close friends) are sick of my face, so today, may I present you my close friend, Ash Ang and also Nadia See to review on Nivea in-Shower Conditioner for me, ok? 

"First when I received Nivea in-shower, the scent do attracts me as I totally detest strong "cologne" kind of smell on my skin. After a couple of days trying out these products, i find it improves my skin condition. My skin is now more moisturised. It can feel like a layer of wax at first, but I guess it's because I have no experience with applying lotion or have anything on my skin before. But after you get used to it, it really does not bother me anymore. 

The pricing set at reasonable price and it's really convenient for lazy girl like me who doesn't do the normal moisturizing routine on my skin. 

One suggestion, make into travel packs, and also improve on the intensive in-shower graphic as it looks like an pad #chuckles"  - Ash Ang  (tried Nivea in-shower hydrating, intensive and whitening skin conditioner)

Another friend of mine who has suffered from dry skin all the while found that the product made her skin so moisturised to a level she thought her skin felt so foreign to her. She tried in-shower skin conditioner intensive moisturizing and said: 
"The packaging is relatively normal and does not look innovative for a lotion product. Only by picking it up at the store and reading it closely only would I know it's uniqueness. Pricing wise, I think it is affordable for it's product range and that extra factor.

The fragrance is not too strong for a lotion, making me love it even more as i am not a big fan of lotion wit a strong scent.

Where as for the touch/ texture, I feel it is more compact and smooth, making it easy to apply in shower compared to your normal lotion. I do think it is a very innovative product as there is no brand that has this feature, but it definitely still need some changes to it to further improvise it's texture and bottle design to make it more shower friendly." - Nadia See (probably the woman that has the most dry skin I have ever met. )

And probably you may ask, why and how does it works? 
Simply because when we are showering, our pores are open. So at this time, you apply a moisturising agent, especially the special formulated Nivea in-shower Skin conditioner, and during this time, your skin absorbs the conditioner better. 

Check out this YouTube video for more information:

You are 3 steps away to bring this set of Nivea product home. 

Step 1: 
Share this blogpost on your Facebook with title: 
"I want to win Nivea products home to save my dry skin!" , tag 3 friends that you would most likely to share your whole set of Nivea products with and tag my page (So i can find you!)

Step 2: 
Remember to "like" my Facebook Page to get updated with all the latest news! 

Step 3: 

Two(2) lucky girl will walk away the Nivea sets (6 products)! 
Winner will be announce on 28th of February 2015 on my FB page.

Terms and Conditions
1.      This contest is open to all Malaysian only.
2.      Winners will be announced on 28th of February 2015, any participant after 11.59pm, 26th of February 2015 will not be entertained.
3.      The blog owner reserves the full right to alter the contest mechanics and Terms & Conditions WITHOUT prior notice.
4.      My decision is final; no further adjustments will be entertained.   

Thanks for reading and no, this is not a paid blog post. 
Just being very #ethical here. xixi.  

Signing off. 

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