Shop and ship it to my door please!

Nowadays online shopping has basically take over a lot of the retail shopping. Seriously, some shops even offer free postage to send it back if you're not satisfy with the size or quality, who else would bother finding parking in the mall for hours just to shop for clothes?

But then hor, I have this problem, I must say: I am so addicted to online shopping.(shh. Don't tell my bf I used his credit card)
I don't get easily satisfied by the online shops anymore as the products are literally repeated and I can't really tell what most of the online sellers are selling those clothes from Taobao, the China operated online shopping website (similar to Amazon or Ebay).

A while ago I subscribed to Fancy, and it's just so cool as they sell all really cool stuff #Iswear like these:

Some are even unlikely to found on other websites. Look at this iPhone case: 
SO dang cool right?

But then I always ended up NOT buying because

They don't deliver to Malaysia. 

Yeap. They just don't.

Yeah, nothing delivers to Malaysia. 
Not even the Michelle Phan's EM Cosmetics delivers to Malaysia, before but now I checked again and there is a direct link to this delivery service and they charge me this price: 

1kg for USD35.63! 

Which means : 35.63 x 3.5 = RM125+

That's a rip off!!!!

Limbeh cannot afford! :(

So I must find a way to ship my stuff here CHEAPER, and must be still in good condition as I've heard alot stories about shipment got stolen and yadda yadda. Also, I've been experiencing really bad delays and bad attitudes from the courier service, wtf, which I will talk in my future post... ok today will just get back to the main topic. 

I received an email stating that I could have free postage (once) from Shop and Ship to ship to Malaysia from overseas. I am so keen to try but I couldn't help but being skeptical to think that what if it's a fraud or thinking could it be some really bad courier service. I'm born a pessimist lol.

I checked their website online and apparently the website looks pretty professional. Not dodgy, nothing irrelevant and what attracts me the most of course is this chart, their prices and available country for shipment: 


I was thinking since it's free so why not giving it a try, so far Shop and Ship is the most reasonable courier service I've seen.
I tested their service by ordering a heat protector for my hair.

And guess what, only took them 3 working days to deliver my order. 

3 working days!  

So efficient, I MAJOR MAJOR LOVE THIS! And this experiment parcel really enlightened me, as I definitely will shop more online now OMG!! Actually been thinking to buy Prada from Paris too. #taitailife

And also the best part is usually other courier services will charge me extra if I ship sensitive products like liquid based product, and they charge reasonably based on country. They differ the pricing from zone to zone.

In conclusion, with Shop and Ship courier services, you only have to pay RM45 for 0.5kg no matter where the item ships from whether it may be HK, USA, UK, South Africa etc (all from zone 1 chart above). 

Seriously Shop and Ship, so glad that I have taken the leap of faith to try out the services.  

Ok now I am ordering Em Cosmetic through Shop and Ship, whoever wants to buy together together please comment below okay! It’s Chinese New Year very soon!

I have a Promo Code created from Shop and Ship specially for YOU who reading this very long post: 


You can sign up for a Shop and Ship account and get a free lifetime membership using the promo code! 
Saved USD10! :D

Signing off now!

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