The New Year Eve Dinner

It's a new year!!!
Damn, I hate the beginning of the year.  In my teen-days as I don't like it when you have to go back school with all those red marks and circles all over your exercise book because you have the wrong date written!

Everyone has made new year's resolutions and status updates, which are a bunch of repeated bullshit that never really work out tho. #aiya
I guess it doesn't hurt to dream a little.

I am all hyped up on the last day of 2014 making NYE dinner.
Let's check out what we have here.
Steak, salmon, pasta, nuts, wedges, cocktail sausage, bacon, tuna, breadcrumbs and some lettuce.
Great! And I've got one bottle of wine too!

For all the beginners-of-the-kitchen: MUST OWN THIS BIBIGO Korean BBQ Sauce. 
Not really a k-fan but this sauce is amazingly good. Just a tablespoon goes well with almost all kinds of meat. Can use as a marinate too! (bought at RM15.90 at Cold Storage )

Tried out the Captain's Hock Tuna Chunks for the pasta.
1. Fry some tuna-in-oil with some of the bacon chunks.
2. Add in cooked pasta and some frozen vegetables.
3. Add 2 teaspoon of mayonnaise.


Put wedges in oven for oil free and amazing crunchiness.
Dahlah it's unhealthy, try some healthy cooking #veryauntie.

My antipasto is the wrapped cocktail sausages.
1. Wrap the cocktail sausages with bacon and secure with the toothpick.
2. Throw in to the oven 170degree for 10 ~ 15 minutes or when it turns to the color you prefer.
Note, not to be too greedy and wrap too much bacon as it will not cook evenly

What is a perfect dinner without some greens?
Make a really perfect and easy salad. Just wash the vegetables and put in some nuts. Add in 2 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and mix well. Love it!

For the Steak part, just defrost the steak and cook 4 minutes each side on medium low fire.
Pair it with the Bibigo korean sauce, LOVE!

Guess it's a little too much for two!
Who's coming to join us?

Happy new year!

Went to meet my sweetheart for countdown after that. Woots, which means can have some champagne!

Okay, time for new year resolution: Be super kick ass fit so I can eat all the good food and still fit in some clothes or else I seriously need to wear my pyjamas when I am out.

Signing off.

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  1. Great article. Different food make me hungry and photo engaging.

  2. Great way to cook with what you have! That is a lot of food to eat though, no? I would be stuffed, although it does look good!

    Thanks for sharing.


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