If any of you that never seen me in real life *blink*, to be honest I don't really look as slim as everyone thinks I am. I am 162cm but have ballooned to a weight of 5Xkg. Not to mention that all the weight goes to my hips and thighs. I have giant huge legs for my size but I still manage to trip myself very often. #fatgirlproblem

I was invited to a massage that claims to help you in unblocking all your lymphatic nodes, ensuring all the toxins and fat can be flushed out from your body. Read this about lymphatic nodes, it help you understand better that lymph nodes probably is the reason your body ballooned in size due to swelling and stagnant fluids around your arms and thighs. 

Ok all my pictures are not photoshopped #swearonxiaxuenose
A picture before the Swedish Lymphatic Massage. Nothing really Swedish to me except the light, I bet Sweden got light bulb too. haha. 


 Ok to start off with, change into the clean "bra" and "underwear" they provided. Hide all your beautiful purple hair into the shower cap.

Okay, then they start with the massage. No time wasted.
First they put all the oil on me like I am some yummy dish.

After 15 minutes they "touching" my body, I was thinking,
"Damn so this is swedish massage heh, even an ant crossing my body would bring more pressure"

Then the masseur stopped, "Do you feel okay? Now we gonna start the massage ya~"
And my jaw just dropped. So it was all antipasto just now?
They constantly put alot of oil that is claimed to help you in blood circulation and it smells like light fruits and roses.

They put more pressure and constantly flipping and pushing, generating a lot of different motion to my "lymph". There are 2 masseur in a session to minimize the time taken for the masseur to massage your whole body.

Do you see any difference in my legs?  The right leg hasn't had the massage yet, so therefore it should be fatter.

Honestly speaking I don't see any significant change as I always believed there is no such miracle with JUST one massage. But they claimed that my legs look sharper? do THEY?


 Then my fat legs and arms are wrapped up with some bandages that they soaked with special herbs.

Then I was sent to a procedure that I ended up hating the most, the hot blanket.
However the masseur says the procedure is vital as the heat is the key for the pores to open up and absorb all the herbs.

A pretty face to forget all the facts that I just said.

 After another 20 minutes and I'm half dead, I am done!
 Ok I feel so sleepy and relaxed now as if all my toxins are flushed away. 

To be honest, I am totally happy to put this massage into my slimming project. I love the idea of using hand massage and not to rely too much on a machine. I have went to similar ones before which left me painful and unhappy.
The masseur here seem more professional as they show you where is your lymphs are and massage through it. The idea to bring 2 masseur for one session totally made me happy as less time was wasted and I enjoyed the stay.

The price is fairly high, however the quality of the service is worth a try! Not to forget all the aromatherapy oils and herbs are flown all the way Sweden.
You pay RM178 for first time user.

I am going for the second time soon. Buzz me if you see me!
Not too hard to recognize I guess?

Information about the place?
Face Factor
Website : www.facefactorsclinic.com/
Facebook : www.facebook.com/pages/Face-Factors-Clinic/
Address : Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-6205 3508

Signing off.

For those who have never been to Sydney before, this is my travel log. It's probably not the most complete one, but I hope you enjoy Sydney as much as I did.

Travel date: 29th September 2014
Weather: around 15~19 Celsius 

Today is day 2 in Sydney. Margie and Ming (Leon's cousin and her husband) decided to bring us to Bronte Beach and after that we are heading Bondi Beach. 
Sydney tourist spot 3. Bronte Beach
Trust me, this picture is not from Google. 

This is Ming and Ryan. Bronte has the finest sand I've ever touched, just like Ryan's cute personality.

Look how clear is the water.
Fun Fact: Do you know that our table salt actually comes from Australia?

From beach view to the shore.
Probably the beach is thinking "woah! Look at the human today!" #lame

If you walk all the way and cross the end of the little cliff you see in this picture, that's Bondi Beach.

 Never seen Leon so happy before, it must be me who cracked the funniest joke ever.

Just in case you can't see how happy he is.

Very interesting shape of rocks.
I saw a whale kissing a monster. EWW,
What has your imagination come up with?

More water. 

 This is my Auntie-look
Because the wind blew away my make up you see.

On the way walking to Bondi Beach!

 The scenery here is so breathtaking!

 Guess who took this picture for us.
Yes Ryan, thank you little one.

 Leon pretends that this whole land belongs to him.
Sorry brah, 5 dollar for that picture I took for you.

 Then I saw a hot package there. huhu!

 You can't see my eyes. #Asian

 Welcome to tourist spot 4.
Sydney tourist spot 4. Bondi Beach

This is actually behind Bondi Beach but oh well.

Lemme pretend I am Lena Fuji please.

 Before we play in the beach, we have a beer and some nachos nearby! It's a swimming club but you're welcome to go in. Just fill in your details as a member, and you're free to go.

 This is it!
Bondi beach is more crowd-y. There are lots things going on here!
Looks like Miami beach? haha.

Saw a crowd of young bloods playing skateboard.
Swag yoh

At night, we have a small walk at
Sydney tourist spot 5. Darling Harbor

There are lots of bars, clubs, street performances and also do check out their fireworks schedule. First time I witness a SUPER LONG FIREWORKS performance and it's like THIS NEAR.

Very impressive view.

Day 3 is the last day at Sydney, as we are catching an early bus to Philip island the next day.
So we decided to watch some whales playing. *jumps*

Sydney tourist spot 6. Jetty Circular Quay 

Getting off!

But looks like the Whale is pretty shy today. 
Got our refund and went to check out the birds again. 
Do I look like #Cinderella here? heh

Saying goodbye to Sydney! Leaving to Phillip Island tomorrow morning.
Sydney tourist spot 7. Sydney Opera House

Last dinner with Margie and family. Saying goodbye and gonna miss Ryan.
This is the bottled lime, bitter and lemon. The fresh one from Opera Bar taste x1000 better.

Okay see you all again in next post! Here is Ryan with the big fat pizza! They are all freshly made! Yumms.

Signing off.
Sound off your comment about Sydney below!
History attractions, museums, libraries, churches, and what else? I guess the most remarkable experience for a Malaysian like me, is none other than the Sydney culture and Sydney weather, oh, and beaches.

For those who have never been to Sydney before, this my travel logs. It's probably not the most complete one, but I hope you enjoy Sydney as much as I did.

Travel date: 28th September 2014
Weather: around 15~19 Celsius 

On day one, the moment I hop off from the airport.
Holy cow, I am totally in awe. I have never seen the clouds so white, the sky so blue, everywhere!

And everybody is speaking standard english, no lah, no mah, no meh? Nope.
Hop into a bus and got into some random road and walk around.
Look, everywhere is a tourist spot.

Everywhere is a #OOTD place. #holdmychin

I don't know how to explain this, all my pictures are unfiltered. They outcome is the most beautiful color in the world.
The concrete jungle in Sydney.

And Louis Vuitton is just next to a street. We don't have one LV off the street except for at Bukit Bintang Road. In Sydney, everything just looks like very cool color tone, even the Louis Vuitton shop.

Have a hot chocolate and lunch at random coffee shop;

Did anyone tell you about how big portion and how fresh the food in Australia?
Looks like we've came across the exceptional.  I have tasted so much more nicer Fish and Chips and Beef Pie here than in Kuala Lumpur.

Not to mention my beef pie comes with hair. wtf. #badexperience

But I guess we are just #suay lah.
Can't remember what is the name of this coffee shop but never mind, don't go to the coffee shop in town and don't put too much expectations on Australia food like me.

Took a picture with the red phone booth cuz i realized that we don't have phone booths in KL anymore, do we?  #murmur

Day one is all about walking around with the love. So much walking to do and looking at those interesting Australian buildings excite me a lot.  Hey, is that Ferarri?

Pass by a jetty and took a picture of Opera house from the side.

I think the weather made our face shrunk. #allhailtocoldair

 And I look like I am painted on here.

#typicaltourist picture featuring the #dumbclumsy woman.
Sydney tourist spot 1. Sydney Harbor Bridge
Did I tell anyone I almost fell? =.=''

Best picture of the day by love.
In the background is some exchanging of vows going on,

Hop all the way up there just to witness their wedding. *tears
Sydney tourist spot 2. The Rocks
So beautiful here. The lighting, the shade.

My chin is real!

Pretending to walk in the Sache & Sache. Whoo. It's a renowned advertising firm FYI.

Me and Leon then end up #wedon'tevenknowwhere? and sit on a bench so that we can witness the sun set.  I think I kissed him on the cheek for the most beautiful sunset he had brought me to.

Guess life is fun when you are walking everywhere but we don't know where.
It could be we ended up somewhere really shitty, it can be really tiring, it can be full of unknown, but with you my love, it's always a walk that worth walking.

And god knows we could ended up in somewhere so beautiful.

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