A Sushi Lover Update

If you are wondering "What to eat!", I am telling you, you have to go Sakae Sushi.
I am not paid to post this but look, they gave me heir Lucky Bag giveaway as door give and inside got this Sakae Sushi merchandise- a tea tumbler. 

I tell you. 
I am no kidding, the grip that allows you to open your bottle easily and to hold when the bottle is hot, 

the very perfect hold for your bottle

the extra space for you to put in your used/unused tea bag, OR even snacks.

 the strainer that contain the tea bag allowing it to infuse the hot water

Also kudos to the anti leakage system that is so perfect.

If you are still thinking what it has to do with Sakae Sushi, I am telling you that Sakae Sushi is having  Fortune Yee Sang themed "Success" and "Money" that come with very nice packaging box ideal for takeaway, gatherings or even giving out as gifts.

So now while everyone is having CNY promotion, Sakae Sushi also #cannotlose. When you dine and spend RM30 you will get one stamp. Once you collected 8 stamps, you are entitle for a FREE LUCKY BAG WORTH RM88! Or you can collect 3 stamps and pay RM38.80 for the lucky bag.

Definitely shouldn't miss out the chance if you love their roast tea!

If you really love their tea bottle like I do, go buy their merchandise in Sakae! huhu! Not sure how much it cost though! Do comment me if you have any idea about it!

Signing off.

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