Carlo Rino is now ONLINE!

The title speaks for itself.
Carlo Rino is a really quirky and fun brand.

Want to shop for the latest bags and shoes?

You don't have to go out from your house anymore actually! Cause they are online now!

Went to Carlo Rino for their launching on the New Spring Breeze 2015 collection at Pavilion. The new collection is very remarkable and successful with colors that tell the 'celebration of the Spring"! Very fun and chic!

For those internet savvy shoppers, yes, fret not babies! Carlo Rino has heard you!

You can shop Carlo Rino online!

You can shop Carlo Rino bags like this!

Or shoes like this!

Or a watch like this!


Some pictures of the bloggers that attended the Fashion Show. 

In conjunction of the Valentine and also Chinese New Year, shop for new bags and shoes! 
Go to for more info! 

Signing off. 
Happy shopping!

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