I just found that one girl in Petronas advertisement look like me, really. 
Just that this girl, is so much uglier. Like seriously. Thanks Josh, I owe you one for spotting this. 

Look at how bulky her size is, so similar with mine, but i believe my boobs are slightly bigger in this.

and even from far she look like me, the way she laugh.
Look at that malicious looking girl in pink hair?

Not to forgot, she did a wink.

Ok fine, that girl is me. 
And I don't know why it's so ugly and the Petronas videographer decided to en-lengthen this shot for like 2 seconds. Wow thanks guys. =.=

Take note also at 0:06-0:08 is my car, and it has been appearing in the whole video for a lot of times.
I have no idea the videographers or the editing team love me that much.

Wow. i am back to miserable.
Please choose my nicer shot la. like the wink shot. enlengthen to 5 second ma.

Anyway, if you want to see my ugly face which is mostly cannot be seen in anywhere else HAHA. here la:

Signing off.
Joyce the Blue Fairy is no stranger to the blogsphere. If you have no idea who is she, you can check her blog out, simply type kinky the blue fairy on google. Yeap, that's her blog name.

And there it this one day, I was in the event with Joyce and she is such an inspiration to lots of people. While I was about to talk to her, she came over and asked if she could invite me to her fashion event. Okay, I feel like sorta starstruck not that I am superfans of her but more on like she is the pioneer of the blogsphere and she is such a famous blogger among the bloggers. She also writes good stuff and never thought that I would be engaged by her since I am nobody #notsofamousyet. #somebodynoticedme #smallpotato

And then when I am at the event wearing something shitty while everyone there is like a superfasionista, the registration personasked for my name. 

No name found. 

"But I RSVP-ed."

Patiently, the fashionable girl asked again, who am I RSVP-ed under. 

"I am under..." 

For that one moment I forgot Joyce's name. 

"I am under Kinky, yes, Kinky." 

And she looked at me in awe, as if my confidence level was really high if I know what I am saying. 

Yes. And when I thought of it Kinky, I am sorry Joyce. 

Signing off. 

I'm frustrated with my personality which totally does not suit staying here in Malaysia - I speak up for a lot things. 

But was it my fault seriously? How many here think that we should not tell the fuchuck that cut the line where you queue for so long cause it will CAUSE TROUBLES? I know, we don't bother think of it, cause Malaysian are trained to be "troubles avoider" cause it's "MAFAN" (troublesome) and we are brainwashed to look the other way on whatever has been seen. We have all these little voices and rant that when we post online, but nobody give a single shit when it come to real life. Why? Cause it will be "mafan". 

And this day I decided to give my hormones and blood pressure a break cause I just had my hair wash done and it looks great and my scalp is fresh and they smell like flower. 

But no, shits just not decided to gave up on me. SERIOUSLY WHY ON EARTH THERE ARE THESE UNCIVILIZED SHITS THAT HAPPEN!?!?.

Story goes when I am at Mid Valley toilet queuing for the toilet cubicles and suddenly there is a woman that rudely brushed past my right arm never saying excuse me. She just stood waiting directly at a cubicle instead of queuing up behind a group of us. 

And being the first in the queue and there are a few (like 3?) at my back I thought it was nice to tell her that she can go to the line at the back, so I say (nicely) 
"hi, I think? there is a line going on here." *finger pointing my front empty space

And it's the nicest thing as I thought I don't want to hurt her ego as usually I will turn on my bitchy mode and I learnt that it's not cool, and my hair smells like some calming spells. 

But she looks like one of those people that just tend to bully nice people and nice girl like me #tears
She says the most unbelievable thing in the world: 

"oh, no. You can just queue wherever you like, whichever box you want." 
I swear to god, she say it in the most legitimate tone in the world, I was stunned and convinced for that one second. WorkTheFries! So, I thought that if I shut up then no dramas would happen cause after all the people at my back are bunch of aunties and they are busy talking to each another and no, there is nobody supporting me asking the lady go to the back of the line wtf? 

And when I am drying my hands, she come out from the cubicle and her eyes see mine for less than a second and I swear to god I've immediately turned away cause I am trying to avoid myself from any dramas. (cause usually I would lol) and looks like the world just decided that I have to get caught up with shitty people every time.

Already nicegal liao. Already try not to embroil into the drama liao. But still!

That girl mumble something like "busybody" when she pass my back. 

First, you are a grown up, don't you know there's a need to queue? Only you need to pee izzit? Others no need pee? You think you princess ah? I am QUEEN leh! Go to the back la noob! 

Second, I already in a damn nice mood, elegant and feeling refreshed after the head massage, and I am feeling pretty, WorkTheFries these people trying to challenge my EQ with that old face cutting people's line some more go mumble some mean ass shit behind, what are you? 5? Even the aunty at the back know how to queue, you never got into school izzit? 

What's wrong people now cannot be treated nicely or what? Must I shout like a siaochaboh then people will see the seriousness in it? 
It's really upset if  I have something to say about our nation, why can be so uncivilized one!

Unless you got a bladder problem then you can be excused, but looks like you have a moral problem here, or 

Signing off. 

I am about to rage now.

A while ago I've talked about how ironic and hypocritical humankind eating every other meat but pointing their fingers to dog meat eaters. Aren't they pathetically hypocritical? Look, I don't mean I eat dog meat nor saying that it's right to eat dog meat, but yet, who are you to comment? Look at the fried chicken thigh you are holding, foie grass you're posting, steak that you are cutting, ba kut teh that you are drinking. FTS. Who are you to say "no" to dog meat? So it's cruel to eat dog meat and not other animals? Just because chicken and rabbits and cow are so DESERVED to be eaten? Convince me.

And some say because dogs are cute and they are man best friend.

And rabbits are not cute?

Tell me again it's cruel to eat dog meat after watching this.

And today, similar question regard to dog sold for meat has crossed my timeline.

And I couldn't help myself but posted this comment.

The truth is I just want to voice my opinion. Why is people don't see the problem? 

It's obvious that the title makes certain people do a double take.  "Bought three from a wet market today.  They were being sold for their meat."

Despite whatever meat that they are choosing to sell, but it's that act of BUYING THE DOGS TO RESCUE THEM just plain stupidity? If it is a community to raise awareness of it's illegal to eat dog meat or selling dog meat, why are you buying them? In short, yes, you are rescuers, you are helping the puppies. 

But you are also encouraging more people "saving" the dogs, more dog vendors selling dog meat. These vendors will take your money and breed more puppies to sell, save 3 today, but more dogs bred and sold. Not only are there more dead dogs,  you've indirectly attracted more people to the dog meat delicacy market.

I didn't blame anybody I am just giving a perspective that people might have missed out on. So what now, we are not allow to have comment that contradicts to your ideology? 

I don't blame Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better for being so angry at my comment (I guess? With that three question marks they must be sooooooooo angry) because they are a bunch of people that love dogs. I might come out my comment blunt but look, I am telling the truth.

If you want to help the dogs and think that the dogs are poor thing being sold for their meat, go post the picture of the vendors, and not buying the dogs and giving the vendors money to breed more dogs.  

And Say Eeeeyew, what I did on my social media platform has nothing to do with you, if you want to spread the wrong ideology of buying dogs are helping them, go ahead and yeah, just saying!

And yes, now I am angry, cause people only see things on the superficial. 
So superficial I can die.

Ok some very cute chick picture to bright up my day.

Signing off. 

Ah damn I was wrong in my previous post. It wasn't the last day at Sydney but today.  Let me jot down my travel log hehe! Read my other Sydney travel log here and here.

So what I've never been to Paris before?
I got my Louvre Pyramid here too. Close enough. heh
(photo taken in botanical garden.)

Let's explore the town today!

Let's check out the botanical garden today!
Sydney tourist spot 8. Royal Botanical Garden
The Royal Botanical Garden is a frigging big garden and fat people like me tend to get tired easily.
Let's have a drink and feed the big birds with long beaks some popcorn. They LOVE it.

And they all have numbers with them, I personally love 26 a lot. Cause she is dumb and constantly get chased away by others for food. Got bullied by others a lot. Poor thang :(


 Undeniable no matter how boyish I am inside, I am totally obsessed with all the beautiful flowers with all the beautiful colors. Look at that amount of flowers. My heart blossoms with them <3 p="">

Thought I am in another planet for one second.

Sydney tourist spot 9. Sydney Fish Market
Fat but pretty people like me get famished pretty fast, so we headed to the Sydney Fish Market for some fresh seafood. Getting some protein yo!
The moment I reached the fish market, it wasn't as what I expected. It's actually a market but with a few restaurant selling fresh seafood and look at those!! My favourite lobster!

We went for Peter's and I am actually quite disappointed. The lobster flesh is dry and cold. :( #allmymoneygone

Probably the only "edible" to me is the fish fillet and chips.
Not sure if it's my high expectation that has brought me down or Peter's just not the right choice?

Went for another restaurant for salmon and it is surprisingly good! Yummeh!

Sydney tourist spot 10. Sydney St Mary's Cathedral
It's really beautiful. Camera is not allowed but trust me, you will have to check this church out. Guess getting married here can be really beautiful because the stairs can fit a lot people in one picture. LOL
I feel like a power had lift away all my negativity away and I found peace... and harmony.

And we continue walk around the town and spotted this talking tree. lol.
It scares me at first Imma like "wtf who's talking!?" Apparently this talking tree teaches history.

Not sure where we are tho but lemme take some pictures.

Sydney tourist spot 11. Sydney Harbour Bridge
And we went to have a little romantic walk at the Sydney Harbour Bridge! And the view on top is amazingly cool! 

Okay this is my baby.

It was a really long day.

And I can't believe I doze off in the bar. 

Signing off

"I love Chinese New Year gatherings!"
I don't say that any more since I am fifteen. Reason is I found a new meaning out of relatives -
They are just a bunch of annoying friends that you can't choose nor let go.

It's not that I hate them. It's just that they don't speak like what I fond listening. The feelings grow stronger these years.

As I grow older, relatives just seems to have nothing other than interfering your life. I wonder when will my relatives start to thought about aiding in my fund issues like "oh, heard that you are short of cash, maybe I can spare you some" instead of all these "oh, where is your boyfriend / when you are getting married?"

I mean, come on?
Don't you have anything else to say?
It's like some people just existed to be interested only on your marriage.

"Oh is that you are talking to your boyfriend, oh, should have ask him to come over so I can help you take a look at him"

Oh please?
Can you imagine there are relatives that tell me something really hurts my ears and gave me a heart attack like "you better check him out cause he look too good to be true, I am sure he has got wife and probably kids."


Thinking about this can really giving me headache, as my mom also keep telling me the same thing over the years, YEARS honey, YEARS.
She is like "when are you getting married so I can stop worrying about you and rent out your room."
I know what you are thinking. Yeah, I might probably picked up from the rubbish dump like once she told me when I was 6. She is probably being honest all these while.

So, it makes me very anxious and thinking whether if I need a clear plan about getting married and even having kids #wtf. All these while I am still wasn't sure if my current bf is THE ONE. And now I am so keen on checking out whether I am mistress annot. #lol.
All these while when we are at the cliff of conversation about marriage, I'll be the calm and "okay... let's see..." one. But then now, we are like somewhat obliged to start the marriage conversation and, it's stupid.

Me: eh. I am your "the one" ah?
Him: haha.......
Me: eh. serious la. I am asking you leh.
Him: What do you think? Sure la... Why ask such question?

And it has been grow into something worse.

Me: eh. you going to marry me ah?
Him: sure.
Me: why liddis one, like entertaining my conversation only.
Him: hmmm...
Me: that means you no need propose liao loh.
Him: haha. yealoh.
Me: I want cartier ok.
Him: hehe.
Me: oiiii!

Ok. I am officially married, to myself, over a dumb conversation to a wall.

Tell me where is the nearest cliff I go jump.

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