Ah damn I was wrong in my previous post. It wasn't the last day at Sydney but today.  Let me jot down my travel log hehe! Read my other Sydney travel log here and here.

So what I've never been to Paris before?
I got my Louvre Pyramid here too. Close enough. heh
(photo taken in botanical garden.)

Let's explore the town today!

Let's check out the botanical garden today!
Sydney tourist spot 8. Royal Botanical Garden
The Royal Botanical Garden is a frigging big garden and fat people like me tend to get tired easily.
Let's have a drink and feed the big birds with long beaks some popcorn. They LOVE it.

And they all have numbers with them, I personally love 26 a lot. Cause she is dumb and constantly get chased away by others for food. Got bullied by others a lot. Poor thang :(


 Undeniable no matter how boyish I am inside, I am totally obsessed with all the beautiful flowers with all the beautiful colors. Look at that amount of flowers. My heart blossoms with them <3 p="">

Thought I am in another planet for one second.

Sydney tourist spot 9. Sydney Fish Market
Fat but pretty people like me get famished pretty fast, so we headed to the Sydney Fish Market for some fresh seafood. Getting some protein yo!
The moment I reached the fish market, it wasn't as what I expected. It's actually a market but with a few restaurant selling fresh seafood and look at those!! My favourite lobster!

We went for Peter's and I am actually quite disappointed. The lobster flesh is dry and cold. :( #allmymoneygone

Probably the only "edible" to me is the fish fillet and chips.
Not sure if it's my high expectation that has brought me down or Peter's just not the right choice?

Went for another restaurant for salmon and it is surprisingly good! Yummeh!

Sydney tourist spot 10. Sydney St Mary's Cathedral
It's really beautiful. Camera is not allowed but trust me, you will have to check this church out. Guess getting married here can be really beautiful because the stairs can fit a lot people in one picture. LOL
I feel like a power had lift away all my negativity away and I found peace... and harmony.

And we continue walk around the town and spotted this talking tree. lol.
It scares me at first Imma like "wtf who's talking!?" Apparently this talking tree teaches history.

Not sure where we are tho but lemme take some pictures.

Sydney tourist spot 11. Sydney Harbour Bridge
And we went to have a little romantic walk at the Sydney Harbour Bridge! And the view on top is amazingly cool! 

Okay this is my baby.

It was a really long day.

And I can't believe I doze off in the bar. 

Signing off

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