Marriage or marriage not.

"I love Chinese New Year gatherings!"
I don't say that any more since I am fifteen. Reason is I found a new meaning out of relatives -
They are just a bunch of annoying friends that you can't choose nor let go.

It's not that I hate them. It's just that they don't speak like what I fond listening. The feelings grow stronger these years.

As I grow older, relatives just seems to have nothing other than interfering your life. I wonder when will my relatives start to thought about aiding in my fund issues like "oh, heard that you are short of cash, maybe I can spare you some" instead of all these "oh, where is your boyfriend / when you are getting married?"

I mean, come on?
Don't you have anything else to say?
It's like some people just existed to be interested only on your marriage.

"Oh is that you are talking to your boyfriend, oh, should have ask him to come over so I can help you take a look at him"

Oh please?
Can you imagine there are relatives that tell me something really hurts my ears and gave me a heart attack like "you better check him out cause he look too good to be true, I am sure he has got wife and probably kids."


Thinking about this can really giving me headache, as my mom also keep telling me the same thing over the years, YEARS honey, YEARS.
She is like "when are you getting married so I can stop worrying about you and rent out your room."
I know what you are thinking. Yeah, I might probably picked up from the rubbish dump like once she told me when I was 6. She is probably being honest all these while.

So, it makes me very anxious and thinking whether if I need a clear plan about getting married and even having kids #wtf. All these while I am still wasn't sure if my current bf is THE ONE. And now I am so keen on checking out whether I am mistress annot. #lol.
All these while when we are at the cliff of conversation about marriage, I'll be the calm and "okay... let's see..." one. But then now, we are like somewhat obliged to start the marriage conversation and, it's stupid.

Me: eh. I am your "the one" ah?
Him: haha.......
Me: eh. serious la. I am asking you leh.
Him: What do you think? Sure la... Why ask such question?

And it has been grow into something worse.

Me: eh. you going to marry me ah?
Him: sure.
Me: why liddis one, like entertaining my conversation only.
Him: hmmm...
Me: that means you no need propose liao loh.
Him: haha. yealoh.
Me: I want cartier ok.
Him: hehe.
Me: oiiii!

Ok. I am officially married, to myself, over a dumb conversation to a wall.

Tell me where is the nearest cliff I go jump.

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1 comment:

  1. Super funny lah you!!! Ohmygod. Love you, Carina! Please never stop blogging. Totes feels.

    Good thing you have boy friend lah. I'm single.. Lagi worse sia D:


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