Somebody that look like me!!!

I just found that one girl in Petronas advertisement look like me, really. 
Just that this girl, is so much uglier. Like seriously. Thanks Josh, I owe you one for spotting this. 

Look at how bulky her size is, so similar with mine, but i believe my boobs are slightly bigger in this.

and even from far she look like me, the way she laugh.
Look at that malicious looking girl in pink hair?

Not to forgot, she did a wink.

Ok fine, that girl is me. 
And I don't know why it's so ugly and the Petronas videographer decided to en-lengthen this shot for like 2 seconds. Wow thanks guys. =.=

Take note also at 0:06-0:08 is my car, and it has been appearing in the whole video for a lot of times.
I have no idea the videographers or the editing team love me that much.

Wow. i am back to miserable.
Please choose my nicer shot la. like the wink shot. enlengthen to 5 second ma.

Anyway, if you want to see my ugly face which is mostly cannot be seen in anywhere else HAHA. here la:

Signing off.

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